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How to Identify Fake Moving Reviews

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Moving reviews are a great tool when it comes time to choose a moving company, but they could also give you the false impression that you've located the holy grail of movers who can solve all your problems.

It's a sad but true fact that some companies (particularly moving scammers, new businesses or movers with poor ratings) hire people to write fake reviews for them.

To avoid these false moving reviews, keep your eyes open for the following:

Reviews are too praiseworthy

While it is possible for a moving company to have a lot of positive reviews full of praise (that's what companies who do a good job generally receive) there is such a thing as being too perfect.

Does every single review seems overly glowing? You may want to use caution and look for some more signs that these reviews could be fake.

TIP: Be especially wary of companies whose reviews have absolutely no negatives and make ridiculous claims like the movers changed their lives or saved them from some devastating catastrophe.

The reviews all sound similar

Assuming that the moving company has hired someone to write several false reviews a day for them, all the reviews will sound and feel vaguely similar.
  • Look out for repeated word usage and the same phrases throughout the reviews
    • The same writer will most likely use the same words from review to review
  • See if they repeat the company name over and over again within their commentary
  • Think about whether or not it reads like an advertisement
  • Be mindful of familiar patterns
    • Do all the moving stories follow the same structure?
    • Is the moving story identical but worded slightly different?
    • Are they all anecdotal stories that seem to be marketed towards people looking for movers?

Their dates don't add up

Chances are moving companies that have only started won't have a lot of reviews. If any. And they especially won't have multiple reviews back to back on the same day if they just got into the business -- and neither will seasoned moving companies. It's very unlikely for companies to receive one review every single day much less several every day throughout the week.

Take note of the dates on a review site when searching for fakes. Notice a good deal of reviews all on the same day (all written by seemingly different people)? It could hint that it's someone's job to write these fake reviews.

They rely too much on specifics

Most people who move don't remember the name of the company they employed much less specifics like the names of the movers. They're just too busy to bother, and that's okay.

Do almost all or most of the moving company reviews call the crew by name? Do they go on a long narrative about the details of the moving process (what the movers wrapped, the exact time they arrived, etc.) rather than the qualities of the movers or their services? Proceed with caution.

Avoiding moving scams

Being conscious of what constitutes a fake moving review is just one way to avoid moving scams. When hiring a moving company you should also:
  • Look into moving company review sites that use a system to weed out false reviews about movers
  • Perform a background check before hiring them
  • Find reputable movers in your area by filling out the topmoving.ca quote form
  • Verify your potential movers with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM), the Better Business Bureaus of Canada (BBB) and/or the Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA)
  • Don't hire a moving company without an address, movers without a website and anyone who asks for a large cash deposit up front
As always, remain cautious when looking for a moving company. Only use recommended and reputable movers verified by trustworthy organizations and be wary of any and all moving scams. Despite how cynical it may seem, constant vigilance is a must.

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on July 25, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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