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How Frequent Moves Affect You

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Moving frequently is sometimes a necessary evil. It might be a corporate relocation or a military move which is out of your control, or you're a nomad and need to change scenery every few months. Either way, frequent moves can affect everyone involved -- positively or negatively. Here are some ways moving often can affect you and your family. 


There's a tonne of planning and preparation that goes into each and every move, which causes added stress to everyone's daily lives. Stress can be harmful if not addressed properly, so it's important to minimize the amount of stress during a move.

To minimize stress, planning ahead and preparation are your keys to success. You should begin planning your move as early as six weeks to two months before your expected departure date.

If you're planning to move internationally, the lead time before you move will only increase. Contact a moving company and begin gathering quotes as early as possible so you can begin to compare rates and services. 

How does it affect children?

Because children generally don't have any control over a family move, they can often have a hard time coping. If you're a military family and are constantly on the move, children typically adjust better to these moves. The military often does a lot to help ease transitions and when children start new schools on base, the other students are often in the same boat. 

As stressful and annoying as moving can be, sometimes moving frequently can affect you positively as well. 

New inspirations 

When you move into a new space, you're faced with new challenges which can lead to a new inspired mindset. If a writer has writer's block, sometimes they get out and go for a walk to get the creative juices flowing again -- moving frequently can do the same for you if you get bored of looking at the same home for too long. 

You learn to live with less 

Staying in place for too long often leads to "collections." They're not collections per se, but more likely they're accumulations. If you're frequently changing postal codes, you quickly learn what you can and cannot live without. You might be very sentimental but after a few moves, you might realize that packing and repacking your childhood board games is unnecessary -- considering you haven't played a game in at least 12 years. 

All in all, moving affects you more than you might think. Not only is there stress, but there are also positive aspects to any move. 

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on February 16, 2016 - Moving Expert
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