The Correct Way to Pack and Move Rugs

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How to Pack and Move Rugs

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how to pack and move rugsWhen you’re preparing to move, most items just go in a box or you just pack the large item as is (like a dresser). But with a rug, there is a little more work to make sure it arrives in pristine condition. It’s also a little more complicated than rolling it up and throwing it into the back of the truck. But fear not, here at, we have created a guide on how to pack and move your rug correctly.

Clean it

The last thing you want to do is bring something dirty into your new clean house. Before you pack up your rug, you should clean it. It should be a deeper clean than simply vacuuming. We recommend shampooing the carpet first. Then you’ll know the items you’re bringing into your new home will be nice and clean.

Roll it

Now that your rug is nice and clean, it’s time to roll it up. First, you’ll want to flip the rug over and then roll it up. You’ll want the top side facing out. By doing that, you are avoiding the extra strain on the rug’s backing which could later cause stretching or cracking.

Tie it

Once you roll it up, you’ll want to secure the rug so it doesn’t unravel. We recommend using string or twine to secure it. Some movers will use box tape to secure the rug. Although the tape will keep it secure, you will be left with a sticky mess. There are ways to get rid of the sticky residue but tying your rug up with string will save your time and be less of a hassle.

Wrap it

There are two methods you can take for wrapping your rug. You can use plastic wrap, which will keep out dirt, dust, and raindrops. The downside with using plastic wrap is that it will trap moisture in and mold and mildew can occur. There are specific plastic bags meant for rugs. The bags have air vents which can let moisture out. Another option is using brown Kraft paper. You can use tape with the Kraft paper because the stickiness won’t be on the rug.

Pack it

When you’re finally ready to pack up the truck, make sure to lay your rolled up rug flat. You can stand it up straight if you’re out of room but you will be putting extra weight on the one rolled side. When you pack it flat, make sure that one end isn’t hanging down. This will cause bending and creasing, which you wouldn’t want in your rug. Also, make sure to not stack anything on top of the rug.

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on August 11, 2016 - Moving Expert
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