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How to Tell Customers You Have Relocated

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Moving your business is a complicated and stressful process--especially when making sure your clients and customers know about your move and your new location. Maintaining your current customer relationships is important for the future of your business and your profits!  Read on for the best ways to let your customers know you're moving--and maybe even snag new ones at the same time!

Change your address and phone number in prominent places

Your business address is everywhere, and it's important to remember to update it in all the most important locations. Some of the most pertinent places to start changing your address and phone number include:

  • Your official website
  • Social media accounts
  • Online listings, such as Google, Yelp, and Yahoo
  • Your professional email signature

Use social media to inform your customers

Social media is one of the easiest, most useful and most valuable tools available to reach your clientele. Keep your followers updated with the status of your move, and make sure to reiterate your new location and promotions you will be running when you re-open. Tweet about your new location and any upcoming opening events to get retweets from your followers and spread the word. If your business has its own blog, pen an informative post detailing your move, including all of the necessary details. Once your business has opened in your new location, make sure to fill your social media accounts with photos, especially if you are holding a celebratory event like a grand opening.

Use an email newsletter or a mailed postcard

Do you have a mailing list for email promotions or a periodic newsletter? Send out an email blast to your customers about the move. If you have a list of customers' physical address, you can also send out physical postcards, coupons, or other promos to your customers’ homes. Sending out an alert both before the move and after the move is complete is ideal for your business.

Send a press release

Write a press release with all the important details of your business move--the date, new location, and promotions and events, such as a grand opening (you may want to draft a second press release for the grand opening alone). Include a detailed description of your business, product, and services as well. If you are not a skilled writer and have minimal PR experience, hire a firm to draft the release and distribute it for you. You can also send an email blast to news sources with your release or subscribe to a wire service to distribute it.

Throw a grand opening

Throwing a grand opening will draw attention to your business, attract new customers and entice your existing customers to continue their patronage. Your grand opening should include food, decorations, prize giveaways, and a ribbon-cutting. Invite high-profile guests such as the mayor, city council members, Chamber of Commerce officials, local business association members, local business officials, and the press. Make sure to mention your grand opening on your social media accounts, and in any email blasts, press releases, and other advertisements you are distributing about your move.

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on April 18, 2016 - Moving Expert
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