Learn How You Can Perform a Background Check on Canadian Movers

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Performing a Background Check

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Background Checking Your Movers

The background check is one of, if not the most crucial part of searching for and hiring a moving team.

Not only do you want to hire reliable workers, but you want a considerate team who will be respectful of you, your family and your possessions, all while getting the job done.

So how do you confirm they have all these qualities and are trustworthy?

Check that they're verified

To make sure a company is legitimate, the easiest way to start your background check is by searching for them by name on reputable government website such as:

Look for reviews

In order to see how others felt about their experience with a specific moving company, you can do a web search for reviews people have left for the company you are considering for hire.
  • Search the extensive reviews on topmoving.ca from former clients
  • See what others had to say on generic review sites such as Yelp
  • Be on the lookout for especially bad reviews or negative experiences
  • Keep your eyes peeled for patterns in these reviews such as consistent complaints

Be aware of how to avoid scammers

Unfortunately, scammers are out there, but if you know what to look for you can successfully recognize and avoid them.
  • Read up on what moving scams generally entail
  • Confirm the company has a physical address
  • Make sure you are given the government mandated pamphlet "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move"
  • See if the company has been flagged on movingscam.com

Get recommendations

One of the best ways to find a reputable service without having to delve too deeply into the background check process is to ask trusted friends and family members what moving companies they have had good experiences with.

Try and make sure you get a wide swath of recommendations to help make your decision.

TIP: Make sure these suggestions are as recent as possible as companies may have changed ownership and/or management since they were last used.

Ask for references

Find out what past clients had to say about the moving company - just be wary as these references are being chosen by someone with a vested interest in the company.

If you choose to follow up on these references when performing a background check, you should:
  • Ask for full names, contact information and if possible, email addresses
  • Search Google and/or various forms of social media to verify that this is a real person
  • Speak to references over the phone to be certain you are dealing with a different person
Above all, trust your gut instinct. If a company doesn't feel right or comfortable to you, you shouldn't use them.

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on May 30, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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