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The Pros and Cons of Living With Friends

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Moving in with friends and living together can be a great bonding experience, but it can also be a friendship-ending disaster.

When deciding whether to move in with friends or live on your own, you need to consider the various pros and cons that come with cohabitating.

The purpose of a pros and cons list

A pros and cons list can help your mind make this important decision by weighing the good and the bad of this future living situation.

Write down the pros and cons that could come with moving in with a pal -- taking into careful consideration everything you know about this friend -- and thinking about both sides before coming to a final conclusion.

Pros of moving in with friends

  • Having help with the bills is a big plus -There are a lot of bills that need to be paid besides monthly rent, and one great way to help with that is to live with a roommate such as a friend.
  • Errands are a group activity - Another way a friend/roommate will come in handy is assisting in the household errands and chores, which will be more manageable if you both agree to split them.
  • You won't have to move in with a stranger - If you do need a roommate to help pay the bills, a friend may be more enjoyable than a stranger for a number of reasons, including less of an awkward transition from non-roommate to roommate.
  • The companionship could be enjoyable - Living with a friend could make the entire living experience way more enjoyable, from cooking together, to having someone to watch your favourite television programs with, etc.
  • May strengthen your friendship - Assuming everything works out for the best, living together could end up being the best thing that could have happened to your friendship (unless some cons gets in the way).

Cons of moving in with friends

  • You may not prefer your friend's living habits - Sure, you enjoy your friend as a person and when you see each other on occasion, but after moving in with one another his living habits (such as his level of cleanliness) may turn you off.
  • Moving in together may mean more work - If your friend/roommate ends up not pulling her weight, you may end up doing all the errands, housework and paying all the bills on time solo, completely negating a roommate's purpose.
  • You may miss your alone time - Of course, spending time 24/7 with another person may be difficult and have you wishing for some good old-fashioned alone time.
  • Shared living spaces are tough - In addition to having to share a living space with your friend/roommate, you will also have to share that living space on occasion with his friends, family and significant other.
  • Could destroy your friendship - The worst case scenario after moving in together? Your friend's/roommate's idiosyncrasies could signal the end of your friendship.

Come to a conclusion

After considering the possibilities of moving in with your friend, you should also think about the implications of taking on a roommate you don't know or merely moving out on your own.

Regardless of the outcome, professional movers can help move you from your current location to your new living situation. To get started finding movers in your area, fill out this fast and free quote form and begin receiving no-cost estimates.

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on September 29, 2014

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