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What to Pack in Your Moving Day Emergency Kit

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No matter how well you plan for moving day, accidents and surprises are to be expected. To combat these as much as possible, be prepared for any eventuality.

In addition to your first night survival kit, pack a moving day emergency kit containing the following...

First aid kit

One of the most common issues that can occur during a move is one of your movers or helpers having an accident and injuring themselves.

Easily prepare for this by packing a first aid kit to keep with your emergency moving day supplies.

When preparing your first aid kit, include:
  • Anti-bacterial spray and alcohol wipes
  • Anti-bacterial ointment and bandages of varying sizes
  • Gauze, medical scissors and medical tape
  • Re-usable bandage wraps
  • Tweezers and safety pins
  • Anti-bacterial hand soap
  • Over the counter medication for pain, allergies, stomach issues, etc.

Extra packing supplies

Another issue you may run into on moving day is a need for extra moving supplies. For this reason, your emergency moving day kit should also contain:
  • Packing tape for if boxes have to be taped or re-taped
  • Pens to make changes or annotate something on your moving inventory
  • Sharpies for labelling or re-labelling boxes
  • Box cutters for cutting cardboard, tape or opening tricky boxes
  • Extra boxes in case you forgot to pack something


As with your extra packing supplies, also have tools on hand to assist with problems you may run into on moving day. During your move, have available:
  • Measuring tape to ensure that an item can fit somewhere without damage
  • Allen wrenches for if you need to put together or disassemble furniture
  • Hammer and nails for removing nails or adding them
  • Screws and screwdrivers for taking apart or putting furniture together
  • Duct tape to secure items and belongings

Everything else

Just because it doesn't fit into the above categories doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a place in your emergency kit. Other items to pack for the day of your move are:
  • Phone charger(s) in case your phone dies during the moving process
  • Contact information for your moving company, movers, drivers, etc.
  • Extra gloves for gripping and moving furniture, and protecting your hands/the hands of your movers
  • Needle and thread to fix damaged clothing or furnishings
  • Emergency snacks and drinks for if someone gets dehydrated or woozy

Location, location, location

Since the contents of your emergency kit may be required by any member of your family or moving party at any time, keep it somewhere easily accessible. Consider communal areas like the kitchen.

TIP: To keep your emergency kit available at all times, move it separately from your other belongings (such as in your car) or load it onto the moving truck last to make sure it's unloaded first. Also keep everything in a clear container to easily separate it from your other belongings.

Avoid emergencies

To keep your moving day as sane as possible, try to avoid the need of your emergency moving day kit altogether by being prepared and knowledgeable in advance of and during your move.
  • Prepare for your move ahead of time
  • Keep organized while packing your belongings
  • Follow proper safety guidelines during the moving process
    • Use the right equipment for the right job
    • Avoid injury by practising proper lifting techniques
    • Wear the correct clothing (like close-toed shoes)
    • Stay hydrated and keep yourself fed throughout the move

No matter how prepared you may be, problems will come up on moving day. The best you can do is be ready to tackle them head on should they arise.

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on July 28, 2014 - Moving Expert
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