What to Do to Help Hired Movers on Moving Day

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During Your Move To Do List: Helping Hired Movers

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There is a fair amount of physical labor involved with moving, so it is usually worth it to hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting on moving day. However, even though you have hired movers doesn't mean that you should just sit back and relax while they are doing all the work. There are some things you should be doing on moving day to help the movers work comfortably and efficiently.

Never work with children or animals

When professionals are coming into your house packing items and lifting heavy objects, unruly kids or pets underfoot can be a very dangerous problem. The movers will be annoyed with children and possibly in danger of getting attacked by territorial pets. Additionally, the kids and pets run the risk of being stepped on or having things fall on them. Make sure that the little kids and the pets are either holed up in a closed room that does not need to be accessed by the movers, or simply have the kids and pets at another location for the day.

Double-check your packing

It is not too late to check how your self-packed items are prepared. Make sure the packing was done correctly and that the boxes are clearly labelled. There should be location directions on the labels that indicate to the movers where to put each box in the new home. If you haven't done this, you will need to verbally instruct the movers as they move your things.

Scratch-proof your house

Moving large furniture can lead to some collateral damage in a home. This can be prevented by installing plastic protectors on the corners and edges of walkways that may be hit during moving. The floor can also be covered by runners where the movers will be walking to prevent dirt and scratching. It is likely that you are selling your old home so the last thing you want to do is damage anything as you move out.

Offer refreshments

The physical labor of a move can be tough on movers, so it is appreciated if drinks or snacks are provided by the homeowner during moving day. Even though you are moving out and you have paid for the movers to do the work, you should still treat them like guests in your home. Unless you are in a hurry, you should probably offer them some water/coffee/snack breaks from time to time.

Be ready for the movers at your new home

You should have a good idea of the scheduled time that the movers will arrive at your new home. Either yourself or someone you know should be present for their arrival to avoid delays. Don't try to race the moving truck to your new home unless you have no friends or family to help you. If that's the case, well, that's just depressing...  

Help direct traffic

Even if you have clearly labelled your items with where they should go, movers may appreciate your verbal instructions rather than stopping to read or review documentation. You can also change your mind and decide to move any of your items wherever you like in your new home. You are the paying customer so hearing you directly give them instructions will help make it clear to the movers what you want to happen in order to be satisfied.

Be prompt with payment

Depending on the company policy, you will either be expected to pay on site when the move is finished or at a later date. If the payment is on site be sure you have access to your credit card, checks, or cash. Remember that you should inspect the move and your belongings before you sign anything or pay for anything.


A tip for the movers is a good way to show that you appreciated their hard work. Tipping is optional since movers are typically paid an hourly rate by the moving company, but it is always appreciated whenever someone provides you with a service. Some moving companies have policies in place that require their workers to refuse all tips. You may want to research that before attempting to tip to avoid an awkward situation.

Keeping yourself busy during moving day with this list of things to do should help the movers you hired do their job better. Also lending a helping hand is just the nice thing to do and will make your interactions with the moving company all the more pleasant. To find the right movers for you and to review their policies, head to Topmoving.ca and fill out a quote form! 

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on June 25, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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