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Keeping Your Moving Paperwork Organized

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On moving day you are already going to have a lot of paperwork, and you will be receiving even more as the day wears on -- even more so if you have hired movers or plan on hiring movers.

This is precisely why to stay organized you need to keep your paperwork in a safe and easily accessible place. Especially if you plan on deducting your move for work or school purposes come tax time.

Your moving paperwork

Not exactly sure what paperwork you will even need to keep organized? You will most likely encounter and want to hold onto the following:
  • The Bill of Lading - a document given to you by your moving company that details the pertinent information about your moving shipment
    • It is also used for claim purposes if something arrives damaged or goes missing
  • Proof of payment - store your proof of payment to the moving company here
  • Your inventory - an inventory of your things to ensure that all belongings are brought to your new home by the moving company
  • Copies - any and all copies of paperwork, receipts and other items given to you by the movers
  • Receipts of your expenses - receipts used for tax purposes or to give to your company if they will be reimbursing you for relocation
  • The "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" booklet - required by law to be handed out to customers by their moving companies

Keep it all together

First and foremost, keep all your moving paperwork in one organized location such as a folder. This way if you are called upon to find something related to your move it will all be together in one place. Consider investing in a sturdy file folder or other enclosed options.

Of course, this tactic is also slightly detrimental because if you misplace or lose the folder you will be missing all your paperwork.

This is exactly why you should...

Put it somewhere safe

Since all your paperwork is bundled in one place, you need to be particularly careful about where you put it. You should also consider making copies of each document in case you are worried about misplacing your entire folder. 
  • Place your moving paperwork with your first night survival kit if you're packing it separately from the rest of your belongings
  • Keep the documents in a more secure place like the glove compartment of your car
  • Put it somewhere even more secure after your move is over
    • The same place you store your tax documents (particularly if you need it for your taxes)
    • A personal safe inside your home

TIP: To help you remember where you left your paperwork, do something memorable or outside of the norm while putting it in that location. If you forget what you did with it, simply remember the strange thing you did while putting it down. It's a memory trick that really works.

Make it easily accessible

Chances are you will need to add to and take out your moving paperwork throughout your move, so in addition to placing it somewhere safe, it also needs to be put somewhere that is easy to access.

Again, the glove compartment in your car would be a prime location (mostly because it locks) or if you prefer somewhere inside your home the top of your refrigerator is both easy to get to and somewhere no one would think to look for valuables.

Utimately, to keep your moving paperwork as organized as possible, you need to come up with a system that works for you. Assuming it's an organized system you can keep track of, this will be one less thing to worry about during your move.

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on July 11, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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