Learn What to Put in Your Moving First Aid Kit

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What to Put in Your Moving First Aid Kit

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Safety is the number one thing to keep in mind on moving day. To prepare for any eventualities that may arise, put together a moving first aid kit in advance. If all goes well you won't need it, but your kit should be on hand just in case.

What to pack

Be ready for anything and everything that may occur during your move when packing your first aid kit.

Some necessities to put in your kit include:
  • Anti-bacterial spray to clean any wounds
  • Alcohol wipes for disinfecting
  • Anti-bacterial ointment to avoid infection and assist in healing
  • Bandages of varying sizes and types for cuts and scrapes
  • Gauze for particularly large injuries
  • Re-usable bandages to wrap any body parts with twists, sprains and soreness
  • Medical scissors and medical tape
  • Tweezers and safety pins for splinters and/or ticks
  • Anti-bacterial hand soap for if you plan on taking a food break
  • Over the counter medicine to alleviate pain, allergies, stomach problems, etc.

How to pack it

Don't shell out the money for a fancy waterproof first aid case that will eat into your moving budget. Simply put it together yourself using individual sandwich bags inside a zip-lock bag or plastic storage container for protection.

Compartmentalize the contents of your first aid kit by item type. Medicine in one bag, things for cuts and scrapes in another, etc.

Provide easy access

Since you cannot predict when or if accidents will occur, place the first aid kit you have put together in an area where everyone has access to it.
  • Move your first aid kit into a communal area such as the bathroom or kitchen
  • When moving time comes, think about moving it separately with your first night survival kit
  • Want to place it in your moving truck? Pack it last so that it's one of the first things off the truck

Make it seasonally appropriate

Depending on the season (be it winter, spring, summer or fall) you may want to switch around the contents of your first aid kit.

For example. if it's extremely hot out, pack sunscreen and bug spray to try and solve problems before they start, along with aloe and anti-itch cream if prevention doesn't work.

In this same vein, consider heat packs during the chill of winter to avoid frost bite and to lengthen the amount of time your body will be able to withstand the cold.

Follow important safety tips

Of course, in order to avoid accidents occurring in the first place, you and your movers should be practising important safety tips at all times.
  • Use the right equipment such as dollies and straps to move heavy or large furniture
    • If you are unable to move something on your own, do not be shy about asking for help
  • Practise proper lifting techniques to avoid injuring your back
  • Wear the correct clothing to avoid getting clothes caught, tripping, dropping things on body parts, creating blisters, etc.
  • Stay hydrated and keep yourself nourished throughout the move
  • Keep children and pets away from the dangers associated with moving
It's important to be prepared for any eventually because injuries may arise on the day of your move no matter how safe you are. However, should the injury be something particularly serious that you cannot handle, do not hesitate to take the injured party to get proper medical treatment.

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on July 18, 2014

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