What is a Moving Consultant and What Do They Do?

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What is a Moving Consultant?

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Moving can be complicated and time consuming. There often are a plethora of people that you need to hire and a few people who you don't need but are trying to get you to hire them. Where do moving consultants fall in this spectrum? What exactly is a moving consultant? What exactly is it that do they do? Do you really need one?

What is a moving consultant?

Generally speaking, a moving consultant is exactly what it sounds like: someone who helps you coordinate all aspects of your move. You can tell them the time-frame of your move, the locations, your budget, and any other specific questions and concerns and they will go on to set up the logistics of the move for you. The moving consultant will do the work of putting you in contact with movers that she feels are most appropriate for you. This can save you a lot of time since you would normally have to do the legwork and research yourself. Consultants will usually set you up with a full service mover, so you should be clear when meeting with a moving consultant if you plan on doing anything yourself during the move.

During the move, moving consultants typically can do several things for you:
  • Act as a general liaison between you and the moving company
  • Spot hidden moving fees and know where and when to negotiate for lower prices
  • Create a moving schedule and adjust it accordingly
  • Organize the packing and sometimes unpacking processes
There are a few different types of moving consultants. Choosing the right kind depends on what you need out of your move and how much time and money you are willing to invest.

Certified Moving Consultants: Some moving consultants are officially certified. Some aren't. The certification is not a requirement, but it should ensure some level of credibility. The majority of moving consultants are certified, so you should search for those with a certification if you can find them. Aside from certification level, moving consultants can be classified by how they get paid.

Single Company Commission: These moving consultants work for one moving company and get paid on a commission basis by that company for every move they help set up. You don't have to pay them anything as a moving customer, the moving company pays them for their services. These moving consultants are usually certified. Generally, reputable moving consultants work for reputable moving companies.

The only hesitation you may have with single company moving consultants is that they are getting paid by the moving company, so it isn't always in their best interest to get you the cheapest deal. If you are unsatisfied with the moving company and want to look for another one, the consultant is also going to be out of a commission. That could create a potential conflict of interest, so make sure that both the company and consultant have good reputations before you start the process with them.

Independent Commission-based Moving Consultants: Independent consultants don't work for a single moving company, but get paid a commission from any moving company that they set up a move with. They usually have a handful of go-to moving companies to try for you. These types of consultants are less likely to be certified. You need to be sure these consultants are trustworthy because you are trusting their judgement when it comes to picking a moving company. Their commission from the moving company likely remains unchanged if your move goes badly, so their loyalties are to whatever company they choose rather than you.

Client-Based Moving Consultants: These independent moving consultants don't get commissions and instead are paid directly by whoever is moving. The obvious advantage to hiring a consultant like this is that they should have your best interests in mind since you are the one paying them. You and your consultant should be free to move from one moving company  another, together. Even though you know they will be more loyal to you than the commission based consultants, you still would like to find a moving consultant who is certified just to be sure of their competence in the industry.

Corporate Relocation Consultants: These moving consultants are employed by a corporation to aid in the relocation of their employees. They are as trustworthy as the business they work for, so it depends on your feelings about your job as to whether or not you trust them. Generally speaking, these are the most professional and well-trained of the moving consultants, but you will only encounter them if you are moving for your job.

How do I find a good moving consultant?

If you have decided that a moving consultant is right for you, it is time to get in contact with a  good one. Alternately, you could use our website, Topmoving.ca, as a kind of virtual moving consultant. It does provide similar advice and services.

Yelp and Angie's list are good places to search for independent consultants. You can contact moving companies first and ask for a consultant if you want the single company option. As always, referrals from friends and family are the best route to go to find good moving consultants.

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on July 3, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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