Get Rid of Belongings You Won't Be Packing for Your Move

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What to Do With Belongings You Won't Be Packing

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In order to save money on your moving costs (which are determined by the total weight of your things), you will want to leave unneeded items and furniture behind when you move. However, just because you won't need these things in your new house does not mean someone else may not want the belongings that you have lost a use for.

When it comes to deciding what to do with the items that you won't be packing and moving to your new home, you have several options -- find out what they are and how to start lightening your moving load! 

Reasons for leaving things behind

As you complete the decluttering process in advance of your move you will most likely come across belongings that you either don't want to keep or cannot keep.

Reasons for parting ways with your belongings include:
  • You have never used this item and you don't think you ever will
  • The item in question is broken, damaged or expired
  • Said personal item no longer fits you
  • It won't fit in with the decor in your new home
  • You won't have as much room in your new house

Sell your belongings

Choosing to sell your belongings that you won't be packing anyway is a great way to get rid of items and make extra money for your move. You have several options when it comes to selling your things:
  • Hold a garage sale to make money to put toward your moving expenses
  • Sell your belongings online through eBay, Craigslist or a local community forum
  • Put an ad in the local paper or hang up notices around your community
  • Visit pawn or consignment shops near you

Invest in a storage unit

Another option for items that you don't want to pack and bring with you on moving day (but still want to hold on to) is to rent a storage unit.

Storage units are great for:
  • Seasonal items like holiday decorations that you don't need year round
  • Seasonal clothing and accessories such as snow suits, ice skates, bicycles, etc. that take up too much room
  • Sentimental mementos you cannot bear to part with but don't want cluttering your home

Offer the extras

Still have belongings laying around you don't want to pack? Offer them to friends, family, neighbours and even your movers. Even if they decline, it's a nice alternative to having to leave some possessions behind.

Donate items

If for some reason you cannot sell your items or give them to loved ones, you can donate them to charities in your area such as:
  • Local soup kitchens or food pantries for food you don't want to pack
  • Libraries or public schools should get books and periodicals
  • Homeless shelters can receive shoes, clothing and accessories
  • Salvation Army or an equivalent organization is good for any and all household goods, including children's toys, clothing, etc.
  • Animal shelters often accept unopened food and animal supplies

TIP: Ask for a receipt after you donate. Not only are you upping your good deeds points by going the donation route, but charitable items that you donate are also tax deductible at the end of the year.

Recycle/throw out everything else

Assuming that the belongings you won't pack and move to your new house don't fit into any of the above categories -- possibly due to damage -- recycle or throw out these items. There's no reason to move them to your new home and unnecessarily increase moving costs.

Items you leave out for the sanitation department also have a tendency to be picked up by passers-by, so tossing your belongings doesn't necessarily signal the end of their usefulness.

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on August 6, 2014 - Moving Expert
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