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Things People Forget to Pack for a Move

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Packing for your move is a long, tedious process--when juggling the numerous tasks moving demands, it's easy to forget things. If you are in the midst of packing for your upcoming move, check out our list of commonly forgotten items while packing to make sure you don't leave anything behind!

Items you lent out

Did any of your friends borrow your favourite DVD or pair of shoes? Do a quick mental run-through of any items you may have lent out to family or friends and forgotten about. If you're only moving a few towns over it's not a big deal to collect your items after you move, but if you're headed across country, you'll save your loved one the trouble of shipping your belongings to you later.

Clothing at the dry-cleaner

Did you drop off your good suit or winter coat and completely forget about it? Neglecting to pick up dry cleaning is pretty common--especially if you're dropping off out of season or special occasion attire. Visit your local dry cleaners before your move to make sure they don't have any of your items waiting for you.

Stashed away valuables

Do you keep your precious jewellery, family heirlooms, or other valuable possessions in a secret hiding spot, safe or safety deposit box? Carefully concealed belongings are easy to forget when packing for a move. Make a list of all of your most valuable items and check off each one as you pack it away safely. You should also consider moving fragile and valuable items yourself in your own vehicle (rather than the moving truck) so you can handle them with extra care and ensure they are not misplaced.

Stuff in storage

Do you have a storage space--either in your home or at an outside facility? A paid-for storage unit, a rented space in your apartment complex, or a crawl space/storage area in your home may be overlooked during the packing process. Before you begin packing, go through any and all storage areas and sort through your belongings to downsize--if it's been locked away in storage that long, chances are you don't need it, anyway.

The medicine cabinet

Your bathroom medicine cabinet contains some of your most important everyday items--toiletries, medications, and other self-care items--yet it is one of the most often overlooked areas of your home when packing. It's easy to forget the concealed contents of your cabinet--especially since it's one of the last things you'll need to pack. Place a note on your medicine cabinet mirror as a reminder to empty its contents right before moving day and pack your most important medicines and toiletries in your first night kit.

Under the sink

Your cleaning products, dish soap, and sponges stowed under the sink are easy to forget when packing for your move. However, since cleaning products are not permitted for transport on a moving truck, you will have to either dispose of them properly or pack them in your own vehicle.

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on February 22, 2016 - Moving Expert
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