11 Types of University Roommates

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Types of University Roommates

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When you move away to university, you're bound to meet plenty of new people. So, we've made this YouTube video to show the different types of roommates you might encounter during your stay at school. University life has a variety of characters to offer, so hopefully your roommate is somebody you get along with!

In the video, we follow Hayley's journey as she moves into her dorm room for her freshman year. She's been randomly assigned a roommate, and she's anxious to see what this "Ana" character is all about. As Hayley is about to open the door to her new room, she has flashes of what her roommate could be like. Check out the video above or keep reading to learn about the types of roommates!

11 types of university roommates

  • The One Who Rolls DeepThis person brings her entire family for move-in day. She always has all of her friends over during the semester, making your room the "party room" even when you need to study.
  • The DJThis university roommate has a hobby that she'd like to turn profitable. Under the impression that she has a budding music career, she always needs to know what you think of her new beat.
  • The One Who's DependentThis character comes from a spoiled environment, which explains why she doesn't know how to "make cereal."
  • The NeatnikDon't leave a mess when she's around! This roommate likes things neat and in order, and she's not afraid to tell you that.
  • The SharerWhat's yours is hers, so make sure you don't leave anything important out in the open--it may end up on her side of the room!
  • The One Who's TakenThis person has a significant other from high school, so get ready to meet your third roommate. He's going to be around a lot.
  • The HipsterThis university roommate will hang up posters of bands you've never heard of and reference independent Swedish films made in the 80s. You're also not 100% sure she needs to wear glasses.
  • The ParentThis roommate is an angel. She'll take care of you when you're sick and cook you meals when you're hungry. She may not go out much, but she's always there when you need her.
  • The NinjaYou're not quite sure how she got all of her stuff in the room without you noticing. You know nothing about her--not even her major--and you only know her name because it said it on the door when you moved in.
  • The One With Too Many BoundariesDon't touch her stuff! This roommate has a lot of rules, and university life will be tough if you don't adhere to them.
  • The BFF - If you're lucky, you'll get paired with the perfect roommate: your future bestie. She's not as rare as you may think she is; she's out there somewhere, waiting to be your new best friend!

TIP: To avoid Hayley's awkward situation, connect with your roommate before move-in day and get to know him or her! If it's not a good fit, you can always request to switch later on.

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on August 21, 2015

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