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Finding Off-Campus Housing for a University Move

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Want to live close to your university but have no desire to experience dorm living? Finding off-campus housing may be the solution for you. Not only will you still be in the vicinity of your classes but you will have a haven to escape to when being on campus becomes too much.

Make your decision

Before you decide whether or not to forgo a dorm for off-campus housing, you should create a pros and cons list to help make your decision. You should also create a budget to see whether or not you can afford to live outside of your dorm.

Once you have completed both of these tasks you will be able to more easily determine the best (and more affordable) option for you.

Begin your search

After deciding that off-campus housing is the way to go, you can begin your search for a new non-dorm residence.
  • Check the internet - the internet will be a useful place to find off-campus housing in your university's area, rentboard.ca is a great place to start as they boast their own off-campus housing section
  • Look at your university's web portal - some universities offer services for students to find housing off-campus, check your school's web portal to see if this service is available to you
  • Peruse local listings - check the local paper (of the town your university is in) or even the university paper to see if any rentals are available near your classes
  • Ask around - see if your friends and classmates are moving out of their off-campus housing; if they're leaving and recommend the property, ask for their landlord's contact information

Take a tour

Now that you've found listings for off-campus housing near your university the actual fun can begin, setting up appointments to peruse your possible new homes. While being led on the tour, take note of the condition of the apartment and how far your rental is from the university campus.

TIP: Never put down a deposit on a home or apartment without first getting a tour from the landlord or rental office representative. Under no circumstances should you rent a property sight unseen.

Hold the rental

Once you have found the perfect apartment or home to rent (or as close to perfect as you can find) it's time to put down your deposit and sign the lease.

Watch out for landlords that ask you to pay your deposit in cash and don't feel the need for a lease. You should always leave a paper trail.

Protect yourself

Most importantly, while looking for off-campus housing, take the proper steps to ensure your own safety.
  • Beware of rental scams in the midst of your house hunting
    • Always perform a background check with the local tenant board and online before choosing off-campus housing
  • When deciding on a rental property, take a good look at the surrounding neighbourhood and ask yourself if you feel safe
    • Consider visiting the area at night to get a better feel for the area
  • Never use cash as a deposit, always pay in a traceable form of payment such as check or money order
  • Sign up for tenant insurance to further protect yourself should any damage come to your rental or belongings
  • Take the proper steps needed in order to get your security deposit back at the end of your lease

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on August 22, 2014

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