8 Signs Moving is Your Only Option

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8 Signs You Need to Move

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It's no secret that moving is a stressful process. Not only does it take a lot of organization and planning--it can get expensive! This is why many people reconsider their decision to move, sometimes opting to stick it out for a little while longer. There are scenarios, however, when moving becomes your only option. We've compiled a list of eight signs that you absolutely need to move.

1. Your kids need a fresh start.

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Maybe your children are getting too old to share a bedroom. Chances are, if you have more than one kid and they are sharing a room, everyone will benefit from moving to a larger home. This decision to move is a no-brainer if you have the financial ability to afford a larger house or apartment. Of course, sometimes your children just have to learn to live with the cards they're dealt. But if they can't, better get packing!

2. There's a spider in the bathroom!

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"I shouldn't have gone in there. Don't go in there."

There's A SPIDER in THE BATHROOM??? Trap the monster in there, pack your stuff and get the family to safety. Head for the high ground and find temporary housing while you search for a more permanent solution. Nothing good will come of you remaining in your home. Think about it: You use the bathroom for everything--showering, shaving, using the toilet, brushing your teeth. And now there's a SPIDER in it. Get out now.

3. Your town has transformed into the North Pole.

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Snow can be fun when you don't have to go to the office or when your kids get a snow day from school. But too much of it can get annoying. You have to shovel your driveway and clean off your car--enough is enough. Maybe it's time to move to a warmer spot, or at least somewhere that gets less snow. Twenty to thirty centimetres of fresh powder every week can get exhausting.

4. A better job opportunity presents itself.

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Maybe you're satisfied with your current situation. You have friends in the area, your extended family lives nearby and the kids love school. Even though your income is steady, you might have your eyes set on a higher salary at another job. BOOM, you find an ideal opportunity on the other side of the province. You have to take it, right? Passing on this opportunity could be something that haunts you forever, and nobody wants that.

5. Your house is too cramped.

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If you try to squeeze too many people into one home, things can get hairy. You'll end up getting on each other's nerves and everyone will be unsatisfied with the lack of privacy. Your best bet is probably to relocate to a larger home, one that can accommodate you, your spouse/significant other, kids (if you have them or are planning to have them) and of course, your pets. A fresh start could be great for a growing family!

6. You have bad neighbours.

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Not every neighbour bakes you cakes and takes care of your dog while you're away on vacation. There are those neighbours who simply aren't neighbourly. When you realize these people are beginning to put a damper on your day, maybe it's time to make a change. For this one, you actually might have two options: 1. Move as far away as you can. 2. Start a prank war with your neighbours until they move.

7. You want to see more/less of your family.

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Your family is probably great, but you can always use a break. Maybe they live too close, or maybe they live too far. Either way, the ideal distance from your extended family is close enough to schedule one or two visits a month, but far enough to where they can't surprise you by showing up at your doorstep. Regardless of how often you want to see them, they'll always be your family and that's something you just can't change.

8. Your commute is considerably long.

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If you sit in traffic every day to and from work, this is an important factor. Whether you use public transportation or drive your own vehicle, a long commute can become unbearable. Though the moving process can be miserable, it's only a one-time thing. Commuting is a daily activity that can take away from your overall morale. Think about your potential commute if you are considering taking a new job.

And as always, good luck with your move!

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on July 21, 2015

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