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Common Moving Mistakes

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Moving is a stressful and overwhelming experience. You don't need to make it worse by falling victim to these common moving mistakes!

Not booking in advance

One of the worst mistakes you can make is waiting until the last minute to book your moving company. This should be done as soon as you know your moving date -- especially during the summer months -- AKA moving season. Didn't book in advance? You may be forced to hire a less than stellar company or do everything yourself.

Not getting an in-home estimate

The best way to determine the true cost of your move is to request an in-home estimate from your moving company, which allows them to see all your belongings before giving you your quote. Fail to do this and your move may cost way more than anticipated.

Refusing to buy additional insurance

Moving companies generally only cover $0.60 per pound of your belongings, so additional insurance is important -- especially if your company is relocating costlier items. For example, if your movers damage a 25 pound television, they technically only owe you $25 for this expensive item.

Not decluttering

One of the easiest ways to save time and money is to declutter your home before you move. The less belongings you have, the less time it takes to pack and move them. If your moving company is charging by weight, decluttering is also extremely beneficial!

Packing poorly

Yes, packing is time consuming and labor intensive, but packing items improperly can lead to damage. To avoid this, pack in advance and slowly, taking special care with fragile and delicate items. Don't skimp on the materials either--sturdy boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper are a must.

Not labelling boxes

Once you are done packing a box, immediately label it with what is inside and where in your new home it belongs. This helps both you when it comes time to unpack and your movers on moving day. Boxes containing delicate items should be marked as "Fragile" so movers know to take extra special care when transporting them.

Forgetting to pack a survival kit

The last thing you want to do your first night in your new home is dig through all your belongings for a few essentials -- to avoid this, prep a first night survival kit full of everything you will need. This includes several changes of clothes, towels, bedding, toiletries, medicine, water, food, snacks, electronic chargers and other necessary belongings.

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on February 25, 2016 - Moving Expert
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