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How to Decide if You Should Move to a New City

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When you move you always are changing your home, but you're only sometimes changing your city. A move within your town will not significantly change your life--but a move to a new city certainly will. If you are looking to move and are not sure how far you should go, consider what you want to change when deciding whether or not you should move to another city.

What is more important to you during your move: change or familiarity and convenience? Weighing what you want to change and what you want to remain the same is how to decide if you should move to another city. 

Here are a few things that can change when you move out of your city that don't necessarily change when you move within the same town:
  • The neighbourhood and neighbours
  • Your proximity to friends, family, work, and school
  • Tax rates
  • The school system
  • The local hospital
  • The culture of the area
  • The housing laws
  • Local restaurants
  • Local places of entertainment
  • Public transportation options and availability
  • Crime rates
  • Housing options/styles
  • Certain laws
  • The general aesthetic of the area
  • The weather
  • The chances of certain natural disasters
All of these things can change for the better or for the worse when moving to a new city. If you are unsatisfied with the majority of these things in your area, it is time to move to a new city. Moving somewhere within your town will not change most of these issues.

Remember that some things always change during any move. The following things will change even if you move just next door:
  • Your address
  • The entire interior of your home
  • A portion of your furniture and appliances
  • Your yard
  • Your rent/mortgage
  • Taxes (depending on how different the home is)
  • How your house looks on the exterior
If you only want to change these things, you may be able to move within the same city. A big advantage to moving within your own city is that you can change your home situation without dealing with culture shock or having to find new local places to eat, drink, play, and work.

Research your possible destination

Of course, just because something is different doesn't mean that it is better. When you are looking at new cities, make sure that the things that will change in your life will improve.
  • Remember that bigger cities have several neighbourhoods. What you learn about one part of a big city may not be true for another area. Research your specific neighbourhood to find out if it is right for you.
  • Consider where you work and the traffic situation in a new city. If you move somewhere blind, you may think you are improving your commute when in reality traffic can make it longer. Research traffic patterns and typical delays by city online.
  • Be aware of any laws that differ in your new city, especially if it is in a different province.
  • Know what school district your new home will be in if you have children.
  • Try to meet and talk to your possible neighbours before moving in. You can get a good idea what the issues and social climate of a neighbourhood is by talking to them. 
  • Make sure the city's lifestyle matches your own. Do people act differently in this new city? Are they generally more liberal or conservative than what you're used to? Are you okay with that? You may know the type of people in your own town, but in a new city, you will never know until you see it for yourself.
If you do decide to move to a new city, remember that your move is going to be more expensive than a local move. Your shipment may also not arrive right away. Make sure you hire a good moving company to take care of your things for this drastic life transition.

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on October 20, 2014 - Moving Expert
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