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How to Stay Fit During Your Move

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The moving process is already stressful for obvious reasons. But now, it's disrupting your workout routine. If you stick to a specific workout regimen every week, all of the planning and preparation for your move can throw it off. Without time to head to the gym, how are you going to stay as active as usual and maintain your level of fitness? Luckily, we've put together a guide with simple exercise tips you can use before and during your move (and some even after!).

Pack in between sets

Planning is an essential part of the moving process. You must first focus on all of the important aspects of your move, including a moving date, hiring the right moving company and coordinating the delivery of your belongings. Once you have an airtight plan for your move--necessary paperwork filed and all--you can worry about your exercise routine.

Packing is another part of the moving process, just as essential as anything else. However, packing provides you with the perfect opportunity to squeeze in some workouts. For example, you can do a few home-exercises while you're packing, treating each box as a rest period in between sets of push-ups, sit-ups, etc. If you are normally active, chances are that you enjoy exercising more than you enjoy packing (we don't know anybody who actually enjoys packing), so you'll probably finish each box as quickly as possible. This means you'll get back to your workout faster, and before you know it, you'll be ripped from the exercises and have all of your things packed.

Save money and make moving day count

We highly recommend hiring professional movers to carry out your move for you. Even if you take care of the packing--and squeeze in a workout in the meantime--it's usually a good idea to have a moving company transport your items to your new home. That being said, if you prefer a do-it-yourself move, moving day can be another opportunity for you to get your swell on. A DIY move can save you money, sure, but it can also provide several physical benefits. For example, loading your own items onto a rental truck is a full-day workout--and no task for the weak!

Each time you lift a moving box off the ground, you're essentially performing a deadlift. Crouching down to gain leverage and get the box up onto the truck? Sounds a lot like a squat. Walking up and down stairs throughout the course of the day? Boom, there's your cardio. Even a few hours of these repeated movements can serve as pretty good workout.

Take advantage of the extra space

If you decided to hire professional movers for your move, then you may have free time before and/or after the job is complete. You may also have some extra room in your old place or your new one, which leaves you plenty of space for activities. You can take advantage of this extra space by performing simple yet effective exercises. These can include:
  • push-ups
  • sit-ups
  • wall sits
  • air squats
  • lunges
  • balance exercises
  • planks and other core exercises
  • yoga and stretching exercises

On-the-move workouts

If you are in the middle of a long-distance move, keeping up with your exercise routine can be an even bigger challenge. A long road trip in the car may not help your cause of staying active, but there are several exercises you can do to maximize your level of activity during this time. For example, you can do heel raises and leg lifts to keep your lower body engaged--whether you are driving or riding in the passenger seat. Also, you can utilize rest areas to stretch your legs even further and maybe even get in some light cardio work.

Overall, the goal remains the same: Maintain your level of fitness and stay active whenever possible. The moving process may become a priority, but it will only be for a short amount of time. This should not get in the way of your physical health. So, don't let it!

If you think of any other cool travel workouts, let us know in the comments. Good luck with your move!

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on July 8, 2015

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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