Learn How to De-Stress During Your Move

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How to De-Stress During a Move

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You don’t need an online guide to tell you that moving is stressful. Thankfully, there are productive ways to de-stress during the moving process.

Prepare properly during your move

One of the best ways to feel less stressed during your move is to properly plan things before it begins.

Stay organized while packing

Another way to de-stress while moving is to stay organized while you wrap and pack your belongings.
  • Pack systematically room by room and box by box
    • Packing in small, manageable pieces will make the process much less stressful
  • Collect and pack like items to make the future unpacking process easier
  • As you pack, clearly label all your moving boxes
    • Note what contents are inside what box
    • Label where in your new home they should be placed
    • Number each box in each room (for example: Kitchen - 1, Kitchen - 2, Kitchen - 3)
    • Clearly label boxes containing fragile items as “FRAGILE, THIS SIDE UP”
  • Also make sure to keep a detailed inventory as you go
    • Go room by room and note how many boxes are in each
    • Also write down what contents are in what box (this will be helpful later if any boxes go missing)

Ask for help

Your friends and loved ones would probably be more than happy to help you move, but first you need to actually ask them for their help.

Don’t be shy or feel guilty asking for moving assistance. You could always promise to return the favour if they need help moving their own home in the future.

TIP: Don’t forget to thank your helpers after your move and show your appreciation for all their hard work by verbally thanking them and providing them with a post-move celebration.

Pay attention to your body’s needs

Moving takes a physical toll as well as an emotional one. To prevent physical exhaustion during your move:
  • Dress properly to keep your body temperature regulated
  • Stay hydrated throughout the moving process
  • Eat snacks regularly to stay energized
  • Frequent breaks are a must
    • Take a few minutes in the shade when the weather is hot
    • Warm up inside on chillier moving days

Take a second to breathe

Most importantly, when you feel stressed and in over your head, step away from the situation in question and just breathe deeply for a few seconds.

Once you feel de-stressed (and only then) should you return to the task at hand.

Have someone else move you

To help eliminate your stress even further (if not completely) hire professional movers to get the job done for you. Choosing the right company for you and your loved ones is the ultimate de-stresser and should you require it, moving companies will even take care of the wrapping and packing for you.

To get started, simply fill out this fast and free quote form to begin receiving no cost estimates from movers in your area!

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on October 6, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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