Learn to Limit the Food You Pack for a Move

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How to Limit the Food You Pack for a Move

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To limit the cost of your move (especially if you plan to hire professional movers), it's important to limit your belongings as much as possible. Not only will this reduce the weight of your items and the space they take up, but it will also mean less to move and therefore less gas used on the drive to your new home -- all of which can add up.

One way to limit what you pack is to declutter your home before you move. Yet another easy way is to limit the amount of food you plan to bring.

Throw out any and all expired food

First and foremost, to see what you will have to work with (read: what you will be eating before your move), go through your pantries, cabinets and even your fridge and toss anything that is expired.

Stop buying groceries

Next, stop buying groceries a few to a couple weeks before you move. Instead, focus on the food you do have and work on finishing everything possible--with help from your family of course.

The best way to do this is to...

Get creative with your pantry

Now is the time to experiment and make the most of the food that remains in your home before it's time to pack everything away. This is easily achieved by:
  • Looking up recipes online that contain the ingredients you have remaining
  • Making up a recipe with what you have laying around (they do it on the Food Network all the time)
  • Finally tackling that mix or eating that can of food that's been in your home since you moved in (assuming they are still well within their expiration date)

TIP: Perishables should be eaten first. There's nothing more annoying than having to move or ship perishable food to your new home. You already have enough to worry about.

Throw a going away party

Another great way to get rid of food before a move is to throw a going away party -- which you may want to do regardless.  Not only will you be able to say goodbye to your friends, neighbours and loved ones and give them your new address, but it's a great way to get rid of food before packing.
  • Only serve snacks and food that you have remaining in your pantry and fridge
  • The same goes for any and all drinks you plan on serving
  • In lieu of party favours, send guests home with food, be they leftovers from the event or something from your pantry

Donate the remainder of your food

Still have food left over even after all these suggestions? Throw out any remaining food that has expired during the packing process and donate anything you have left.
  • Research to see which shelters in your area take food donations and what rules to follow
  • Check your local paper and community newsletters to see if anyone is holding a food drive
  • Look into whether or not there is a drop off bin for food near your house
  • Ask your movers if there is anything they would like to take home
There's no need to worry about your family going hungry after your move because you gave away all your food. Ordering out is a great way to de-stress after a move and a perfect time for bonding with your loved ones.

Besides, you need a good excuse to explore your new community (and the local grocery store) anyway.

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on September 24, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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