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How to Move a Shed

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A shed can be useful to anyone who has a surplus of outdoor equipment. These outdoor structures can be especially useful to people who do not have adequate garage space for all of their tools and machinery. However, if you need to move a shed, it could be a challenge.

Empty your shed

A shed is basically a garage that is not attached to your house. You probably built or bought one to house outdoor equipment that is too big or dirty to keep in your home. To make the shed movable, most of that equipment needs to be moved out of the shed. This can be difficult since sheds usually house several challenging items like lawn tractors, chainsaws, ladders, or other big, messy, heavy, and dangerous things. Moving a shed's contents is a task on its own.

Some items may be left in the shed during transport if they are properly secured. Loose items in the shed can move around and damage themselves and the shed. Lifting the shed is also more difficult if there is the added weight of its contents. If you have no room, it is possible to leave some things in your shed, but if you want to be safe and thorough, everything should be removed.

What you do next depends on the size of the shed and the distance of your move. Small sheds that are being moved across the yard are one thing, but big sheds that need to be moved to a new house are quite different.

Thing's you'll need

  • Car jacks (several air pressure powered ones, if possible)
  • A tarp
  • A moving construction (the slab you place the shed on that is then towed by a vehicle)
  • A towing hook/trailer
  • About five PVC pipes
  • Heavy duty rope
  • Wood blocks
  • A shovel
  • A towing vehicle

The process

  • Cover the shingles with a tarp (if you are moving the shed to another house). Shingles can fly off in highway winds while being trailed to a new home.
  • Dig around the bottom of the shed to gain access to its corners.
  • Place jacks in the corners and lift the shed. Try to do this evenly to avoid stressing the structure.
  • Place the moving structure under the shed. This can be a trailer bed for long moves or just some wood blocks and/or pipes for rolling if the move is within your yard.
  • For in-yard movement, use the pipes as rollers for the shed, reusing them as the shed makes progress. You will only need a handful of sturdy pipes for this. PVC pipes work best. (Simply push the shed over the pipes to its new location and you're done for an in-yard move).
  • Wrap rope around the middle of the entire shed for added safety. Sheds break if one side gets pulled too hard while the rest of the shed remains still. Try to secure the shed on the moving structure.
  • Install wheels into the trailer structure on which the shed is mounted. You may need to use the car jack again to do this.
  • Hook the shed to trailer by the middle of the moving structure, not directly to the shed.
  • Slowly drive to your new home.
  • Wheel the trailer to the shed's new location.
  • Using jacks again, dismantle the moving structure and lower the shed to the ground.

As you can see, moving a shed can be quite complicated--sheds can break rather easily. Trying to move a larger one long distance is pretty risky, so you should probably hire professional movers to handle the task for you. Look for a specialty moving company that can move houses--moving a shed should be no problem for them. They should have access to jacks , moving structures, and trailers that should safely do the job every time.

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on September 24, 2014 - Moving Expert
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