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How to Pack a Makeup Vanity

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How to Pack a Makeup VanityWhen you are preparing to move, you sometimes don’t realize how much stuff you actually have. The same goes for your makeup vanity. Your vanity will usually have a few drawers, plus everything you keep on the desk. Since there are so many items in and on your vanity, it’s going to be hard to figure out where to start. Here at TopMoving.com, we have thought of some tips to help you pack your makeup vanity.

Sort everything

If you have enough space, you should sort all your items. Go through drawer by drawer and put like items together. You should make a pile for brushes, lotions, eyeshadows, foundation, etc. This will be helpful when you put the items into boxes. Your labelling will become more specific and you will be able to find items easier when it’s time to unpack. When you have a box that's labeled "eye shadows and lipsticks," you'll know exactly what's in it, compared to a general name label. This will also help when you create your inventory list.

Seal bottles

If you have any products in a bottle, you should seal them before packing them up. To seal a bottle, unscrew the top and place a piece of plastic wrap on the opening. Then screw the cap back on. This will help minimize leaks. If you have products that you can’t remove the tops and are likely to spill, you should double-bag these products.

Invest in proper makeup bags

Makeup bags are meant to organize your makeup. These will keep your brushes organized and protect the bristles. You’ll want a bag large enough to fit your items but not so large that your cosmetics will bounce around and break. Also, try to find a bag that can be wiped clean with a little soap and water so you can continue to use it in the future – even if smudges occur!

Cushion your items

Every woman has dropped their powder compact at least once in their lives and it broke into a million pieces. To avoid this while packing, simply place a cotton pad on the inside. For added protection, you can place your compacts inside socks or between clothes. If you’re packing nail polish, you should also make sure to cushion those as well. The glass containers could hit each other and break, which will create a big mess.

Protect the mirror

Most makeup vanities have a mirror, which is helpful with it comes to applying your makeup! If you’re able to, you should remove the mirror. Then, wrap the mirror in a towel, or something else soft, and then wrap it in bubble wrap. When you wrap an item first in a cloth, you will avoid the marks that bubble wrap can create. If you are unable to remove the mirror, you should still attempt to wrap it with a towel (or similar) and bubble wrap.

Moving the whole vanity

Now that you’ve cleared out your vanity, it’s finally time to move your vanity into your moving truck and into your new home. It’s better to keep the drawers in your vanity when you’re preparing to move. They will stay better protected. You should wrap the whole vanity with paper padding or moving blankets. Then you can use tape or plastic wrap to secure the padding. You never want to put tape or plastic wrap directly on wood because it can cause damage.

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on August 9, 2016

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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