What Clothing Should I Wear on Moving Day?

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What to Wear on Moving Day

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Moving day is fast approaching and so far you've thought about everything from hiring movers to obtaining packing materials, but not necessarily about what to wear to get the job done.

While picking out a moving day outfit, be aware of both your clothing's comfort and functionality. Here's what to wear - and what not to wear - on the day of your move.

Wear something you don't care about

One of the hard and fast rules of moving day apparel is to dress in something you don't care about ruining.

The day of your move you will become sweaty, dusty or dirty from running around and carrying boxes--don't wear an outfit that you are fond of and want to remain in pristine condition.
  • Repurpose your sweaty exercise clothes for move out day

  • Wear the clothes you've been meaning to donate

  • Wear an outfit you use for painting, dying your hair or other messy activities

  • Take advantage of clothing that no longer fits properly: for example, a slightly oversized and super comfortable t-shirt

  • White is definitely a no-go

Go for comfort

Your moving day is going to be a long and arduous one, so make sure to dress in something you will be comfortable in all day. The last thing you want to be worried about is dealing with an overly tight shirt or super loose pants when you should be focused on your move's intricacies.

You should be able to move freely in your moving day clothing, and avoid anything that's restricting or could get in the way.

Think about functionality

You've heard of fun and functional? While dressing for your move think comfortable and functional.

  • Choose something with plenty of pockets for carrying your inventory, checklists, tip money, etc.
  • Throw on a pair of gloves to protect your hands from splinters or blistering
  • Avoid jewellery, excessive amounts of make-up and other accessories that will get in the way

  • Tie back long hair to keep it out of your face and prevent it getting caught on something

  • Go for pants and shorts over dresses and skirts

Dress weather appropriate

Whether (pun intended) you are moving in the winter, spring, summer or fall, dress yourself to accommodate the weather around you.
  • Winter - bundle up in clothing that keeps you warm but still allows freedom of movement
  • Spring - dress in light clothing and layers that protect your skin from cuts and scrapes

  • Summer - wear something that allows your skin to breathe (such as cotton) and protects your skin from the sun--don't forget to apply sunscreen regularly

  • Fall - treat this season as a slightly chillier spring and remember to bring a light jacket

TIP: Check the weather report prior to moving to see if you should dress for cold, warmth or inclement weather like rain and snow.

Take advantage of layers

Chances are during your move you will be dealing with fluctuating temperatures as your body heats up and cools down during various physical activities. Deal with these requirements from your internal thermometer by dressing in layers that can be removed and/or added as needed throughout the day. Following this tip will also help you prepare for any possible weather patterns that may surprise you.

Don't neglect your feet

Moving day will involve just that--a lot of moving. Keep your personal mode of transportation (AKA your feet) as comfortable and functional as possible.
  • Wear sturdy, reliable shoes like a good pair of sneakers
  • Avoid open toed shoes which could lead to various types of injuries

  • Remember to choose footwear you don't mind getting dirty

  • Put on one or two pairs of clean white socks to prevent blisters

It goes without saying, but make sure that you don't accidentally pack your moving day outfit. Instead, put it to the side with yourfirst night essentials survival kit. You'll thank us later. 

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on June 24, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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