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How Your Kids Can Help With the Move

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Moving can be a complicated process, especially for parents of young children. It is already hard enough to focus on the move and all of the things that need to get done before, during and after, but having to keep your children busy at the same time can be frustrating and almost impossible.

Unless, of course, you get them involved in the moving process and come up with ways in which they can help out and contribute.

If your children are old enough to be able to help out with the move, then why not let them? They'll be grateful that you trust them enough to let them be a part of such a major event, and you'll have an extra pair (or pairs) of hands to help out around the house on moving day.

Here are a few ways in which your kids can help out around the house with when it comes time to move.

Packing their belongings

We all know how children can sometimes be protective of their "stuff." Watching their precious belongings and favourite action figures or dolls being packed away into unflattering cardboard moving boxes can be intimidating for them. So why not get your kids in on the packing fun by letting them pack up their own rooms?
  • Supply your kids with their own boxes
  • Explain to them the basics of packing
    • Like how to keep similar items together to prevent things from becoming damaged
    • And how to keep the boxes from becoming too heavy and overstuffing them
  • Help them with any items that can be too dangerous or heavy to handle
  • Check their boxes when they're finished to make sure everything is packed correctly
You'll find that your children will most likely enjoy getting a chance to help out with the packing, and you'll enjoy it too as it will mean fewer rooms that you will have to pack when the time comes. You'll also be keeping them busy while focusing on doing some packing of your own.

Keeping inventory

When you move, having a moving inventory can be a great way of keeping track of all of your belongings and making sure that everything is packed away and ready to make the move to your new home.

A great way of getting your kids involved in the move is having them survey all of the rooms just prior to moving day and checking off the moving inventory list you give them to make sure nothing is missing.

This is another great way to get your children involved and give them a manageable, yet somewhat important job that will make them really feel like they are a part of the move.

Helping the movers

On moving day, you can keep your kids busy by designating them as your movers' little helpers, making sure they know beforehand how they can help without getting in the way of the movers.
  • Have them hold the front door open for the movers as they carry in furniture or heavy boxes
  • Bring the team of workers some glasses of water or lemonade when they get thirsty
  • Explain that they should not try to lift anything without first being told to do so
Ultimately, your kids will be glad to help out on moving day and pitch in to give the movers a hand when called upon.

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on January 15, 2013 - Moving Expert
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