20 Things You Think on Moving Day

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20 Feelings You Have on Moving Day

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On moving day, you will experience a roller coaster of emotions. Countless thoughts will go through your head--only some of which are important. Of all these things, the following list features the 20 most common feelings you'll have on moving day.

1. "Can we not?"

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It can't be time to wake up yet. You can hit the snooze button and get back into bed. Moving can wait until tomorrow, right?

2. "Okay, I have to get up eventually."

Wrong. Moving cannot wait until tomorrow. You have to get it over with, so start your day. Throw some water on your face and get pumped up. How bad could moving day be?

3. "Let's DO this."

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Your friends said they'd help you load your stuff and bring it to the new place. Moving day is going to be fun and exciting, if anything. Plus, the most dreadful part is already out of the way... You did pack your items, right?

4. "Why didn't I pack...?"

It's fine. Nothing to worry about. It's fiiiiiiiiine. You have enough time to organize your items before your friends come to help you move. Pack everything into its appropriate box and label your items efficiently. Once you're done, you can rest up with a cup of coffee and prepare for the long day ahead.

5. "I managed not to pack anything but the coffee maker."

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Stay calm. You need your morning coffee, but that just might not be in the cards today. Maybe your friends will bring you some!

6. "Where the heck are my friends??"

You've finished packing, had a mental breakdown about caffeine withdrawal and even had enough time to get over your breakdown and pick up coffee from the bagel shop down the block. Where are your "friends" who are supposed to help you move? Why would they say they'd help and not show up?

7. "I knew getting friends to help was a terrible idea."

(clip from HackBusters: Episode 1 - Getting Moving Help From Friends)

Thankfully, they finally show up. It doesn't take long before they request the "pizza and beer" you promised. As expected, one of your friends--we'll call him Jeffrey-- gets a little out of hand with the drinking. "But it'll make moving more fun," he claims. He might be having a blast, but you and your other helpers have to pick up the slack for him. Maybe providing beer wasn't your best idea.

8. "Tetris isn't as fun as I remember."

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Loading the car is like Tetris--should be fun, right? Nope. Unless you're a proven Tetris Master, the loading process is just as tedious as the rest of moving day.

9. "OMG I can't find my cat!"

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That's right--you have a cat! Make sure you check your boxes because your kitty has been curious ever since you started packing stuff up. Definitely don't leave him behind.

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10. "I'm outta here."

For a moment, you associate all of these bad memories from moving day with your old home. Sometimes, you focus only on the recent stuff and forget the big picture when thinking back to your house or apartment.

11. *single tear trickles down cheek*

Once you're on the road, those positive memories come back and you know the experience was a good one overall. Even with the negative memories from the moving process and moving day, it was all worthwhile.


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You get caught behind a slow-moving truck and you can't see enough out of your rear-view mirror to change lanes. Oh well, looks like this day is about to be a little bit longer.

13. "This place looked bigger the first time..."

When you step into your new place, you notice that it seems much smaller than when you visited the first time. You have a car loaded with all of your belongings, and you're unsure they'll fit into this space. Determined, you head out to your car.

14. "Where's all my stuff??"

Carrying boxes of clothes and kitchen items, you realize certain belongings aren't there. Where is that coffee maker? Do you even own a coffee maker? It would make sense that you couldn't make coffee if you never had one in the first place...

15. "That dress was white and gold. 100%."

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You scroll through your Twitter and Instagram feeds to catch up on what you missed on moving day. You see a photo of that infamous dress and think back to the polarizing social media debate. #TeamWhiteAndGold

16. "I can't help but think I'm forgetting something..."

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Wait, maybe you did forget something important. That's why this new place seems so empty, even with all of your stuff unloaded from the car. Was it the coffee maker?

17. "I've done enough today."

With your things unloaded and spread throughout the living room and kitchen, you've made about as much progress as you're going to make today. Moving day was a success, by your own personal metrics, and it's getting dark. Better unpack the necessities and call it a night. Good thing your friend labeled the "necessities" box with a blue sticker...

18. "Am I... colorblind?"

(clip from HackBusters: Episode 2 - Color Coding Your Moving Boxes)

Oh boy. You can't tell which box has a blue sticker on it because you're not quite sure what blue looks like. ALL OF THE STICKERS LOOK THE SAME. Maybe you were wrong about the dress, too. Maybe your whole life is a lie. But, thankfully, your friends are there to help.

19. "Weren't my friends supposed to help me move?"

Wait, they were here, right? Did they even make it to your new place? If they did come here, how'd they get home? They could've driven separately. This mystery is just as perplexing as the dress.

Truth is, you don't have friends anymore because you asked them to help you move.

20. "I should've hired professional movers."

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Well, we won't argue with you there.

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on July 29, 2015

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