What Should You Not Do on Moving Day

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Things Not to Do on Moving Day

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Moving day can be very stressful--despite your best laid plans, it can still go wrong. A mistake onmoving day can have dire consequences for your time, money, items, and even personal health. Remember these things not to do on moving day.

Doing it alone

Unless your move involves one backpack worth of stuff, attempting to do it alone is ill-advised. Even a one bedroom move can become overwhelming. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Most moves involve heavy furniture that should be moved by at least two people. It doesn't matter how strong you are, large objects are clumsy to carry and you should at least have a spotter.
  • If you hire a moving company, you should still have friends or family help you supervise the proceedings. You will need to direct and monitor the movers, and it will be hard to do everything at once without someone you can trust aiding you.
  • More people means moving more heavy items quickly.
  • A group of people is more formidable if you need to dispute any pricing or policies with the moving company. Multiple witnesses with different backgrounds and attitudes will usually keep movers from misbehaving.

Last minute changes of plans

With all the aspects of a move, a few deviations from the plan can have major consequences. You're on a schedule, but so is the moving company. Be considerate of their time.
  • Don't be late. Movers work hard to show up on time. If they're ready for the move you should be, as well.
  • Don't decide to pack things last minute. If you are packing things yourself, it should be done by moving day. Rushing through packing is a good way to cause damage.
  • Don't alter the items you agreed to ship. Adding a new item to your moving inventory will open you up to new charges. There may not even be room on the moving truck for your surprise items. Alternately, if you choose to not ship something that you said you would, you probably won't get a refund.

Keeping the kids and pets around

Small kids and pets need to be out of the way on moving day for a variety of reasons.
  • If you're busy keeping an eye on movers or moving your own things, who is looking after the children or pets?
  • Kids and pets run around. They're also low to the ground. Combine that with several adults carrying heavy objects and you have an accident waiting to happen.
  • Pets will be very stressed witnessing strangers in their home and taking all of the furniture away. Territorial pets may attack movers.

Antagonizing the movers

Your relationship with the movers can be tenuous since they're charging you money and you're placing your belongings in their hands, but it is always best to try to keep everyone happy for those same reasons.
  • Don't be too obvious with the supervision. Watch them to make sure they handle your things and move them correctly, but don't breathe down their neck.
  • Don't argue with them if they refuse to move certain items, especially if it is a surprise item you just added to your shipment. Movers often have very good (sometimes legal) reasons for refusing to move certain objects.
  • If there is a pricing dispute, have the documentation on hand to back up your claims. You can then act as though the inflated price is a simple mistake instead of a scam and show the movers the papers that prove it.

Expecting it to be done quickly

Moving day is unpredictable and it could take much longer than you expect. Don't plan to do something else on the same day.
  • You can't just disappear during a move even if you hired full-service movers. You need to sign the bill of lading and an inventory statement before and after your items are shipped.
  • Movers often get delayed hours at a time. This can happen before they show up, or en route to your new location. Consider this when budgeting your time.
  • You need to be flexible on moving day. Today's moving day may become tomorrow's.  It may not be what you want to hear but you should be prepared to lose another day to moving.

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on October 7, 2014

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