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Moving in Extremely Cold Weather

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Moving in cold winter weather is hard enough, but add icy wind chill, hail and temperatures that enter below-freezing territory and your move has just become exponentially worse.

Put safety first

When moving during dangerous and hazardous weather conditions, the safety of yourself, your movers and your loved ones should be considered above everything, even the headache of rescheduling your move for another day.
  • Keep your eye on the weather and be prepared to cancel if conditions become (or are) too treacherous
  • Clear away snow and ice from driveways, walkways and vehicles
    • Put down a layer of salt or sand on these pathways after clearing them to prevent slipping
  • Wear appropriate clothing to keep yourself warm but not so over-bundled that you cannot function
  • Make your floors slip proof and protect them from damage by laying down plastic and pieces of broken down cardboard to prevent movers from slipping

Protect children and pets

Moving with pets and children is extra difficult because they are prone to the hazards of extremely cold weather. For this reason, they must be kept inside during the moving process.
  • Keep them out of the way, specifically in the warmest area of your home removed from the hustle and bustle of the moving process
    • Remove babies from the situation entirely by hiring a sitter to watch them elsewhere
  • Maintain a normal schedule or one as normal as possible to limit stress on kids and pets
  • Surround them with familiar stimuli to further limit any unease caused by the move
  • Keep your vehicle temperature-controlled while in transit to regulate your passengers' body temperatures
    • Secure pets moved in crates, cages or tanks in the backseat
    • Wrap your small pets' tanks or cages in blankets to keep them warm and stress-free while ensuring there is still plenty of airflow
    • Secure dogs that are not in cages in the backseat with a harness or other device
  • Limit rest stops, but when you must take them, keep the car running to maintain a heated environment

Prevent damage

In addition to children and pets, belongings that are especially prone to freezing or ones that could be damaged in an ice-cold moving truck can be transported separately in your temperature-controlled vehicle. Family heirlooms and antiques would definitely fit in this category.

Drive carefully

Practice proper driving procedures when travelling down icy roads--particularly when you are in a large moving vehicle.
  • Clear snow and ice off your vehicle before preparing to drive
  • Check your fluids to ensure that none have frozen
  • Drive safely by sticking to the speed limit, looking out for icy patches and preventing accidents by always driving into the skid
  • Be prepared with an emergency kit and salt or sand in case you become stuck on ice or stranded--said kit should contain:
    • Jumper cables
    • A tow line
    • Blankets
    • Water bottles
    • Non-perishable food
    • Flashlights and flashlight batteries
    • Road flares
    • A snow shovel
    • Ice scraper(s)

Hire professional movers

You also have the option of avoiding the pain and hassle of moving in extremely cold weather by hiring movers to relocate you to your new home--keeping yourself and your loved ones protected from the snow and ice.

To find movers, simply fill out our fast and free quote form for no cost-estimates, and don't forget to ask each company what their rescheduling policy is during treacherous weather conditions!

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on November 26, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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