Tips for Making the Loading and Unloading Process Easier

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Loading and Unloading the Moving Truck

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A systematic and professional approach is needed while loading and unloading your belongings as they are susceptible to damage during this stage.

Utilization of maximum space and damage reduction are the two principles that should guide you while loading and unloading a moving truck. The first thing is choosing the right-sized truck for your moving expedition. The size of the truck depends on the number of rooms in your home.

Aids for loading and unloading

Loading large shipments require certain aids to ease the loading and unloading process. Ramps and moving dollies are typically employed to load and unload heavy items from a moving truck.

Loading order

After doing a walkthrough of your house, draw a floor plan for your truck stating clearly which items need to go where.
  • Heavy items should be loaded first
    • This includes items such as refrigerators, washers, oven, dishwashers and the stove
    • Get extra help and use extra care when loading and unloading these items
    • Balance the weight of the heavy items on either side of the truck
  • Large items should be place along the side of the truck in an upright position
    • Mattresses, head boards, sofas and table tops should be secured with a rope to the sides of the moving truck
    • Hardware that accompanies these items should be placed in a bag and taped to the furniture it belongs to
  • Medium-sized furniture should be placed in the middle against heavy items
    • Dressers, bureaus, bookcases, china cabinets, chairs and tables
  • Your boxes can be placed last
    • Heavier boxes should be loaded first with fragile boxes on top
    • Place heavy boxes so that their weight is evenly distributed

Cushioning your belongings

Furniture needs to be cushioned to prevent it from being scratched or damaged. Moving pads, moving blankets and other protective measures are used to cushion wooden furniture and to prevent any damages occurring during the transit.

Furniture like dressers, bureaus, bookcases, tables and chairs should be wrapped in moving blankets which can be obtained from moving companies.

Unloading of your belongings

Care and caution should be taken while unloading your belongings at your new home.
  • Write extensive labels on boxes so that you or your mover can unload them
  • Keep the boxes in their respective rooms
  • Dollies and ramps should be used for unloading heavy items from the truck

Prior planning, preparation and caution are needed while loading and unloading your moving truck. This is a critical step in your move as proper execution ensures no damage to your belongings during transit.

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on January 15, 2013 - Moving Expert
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