Why Vacuum Sealing is Great for Moving

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Why You Should Vacuum Seal Your Items When Packing

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Vacuum sealing bags are some of the best tools available to people who are moving. If you haven't moved or gone on a long vacation recently, you may not be familiar with vacuum sealing and its advantages. Here is why a small investment in some vacuum sealing bags is worth it when you're moving.

Vacuum seal bags aren't all that expensive

If you don't own any vacuum sealing bags, then go ahead and buy them before you move. Compared to most moving expenses, the $15 to $30 that a typical set of vacuum bags will cost you is next to nothing.

They will save you space and space equals money when moving

Items like bedding and clothing have a lot of air inside them that takes up space and makes it very difficult for them to be packed in suitcases or boxes. Vacuum packing will take almost all the air out of these items usually shrinking them to one-fifth their original size! When you are being charged for space on a moving truck or paying for extra boxes to carry items, shrinking your used space to one-fifth of what it could have been essentially means shrinking the cost of moving.

The vacuum seal means nothing gets in or out

Another great perk to vacuum sealing is, since the bag needs to be airtight to maintain a vacuum, no outside dirt can get on your items during the move. If for some reason the bag is damaged, it will be obvious - the bag will inflate again to its original size. This may deter lackadaisical movers from treating these bags roughly or opening things that they shouldn't.

Food stays fresh

The airtight seal of vacuum packing is especially useful for packing food because the outside environment cannot contaminate the food. Additionally, most food stays fresh longer in a vacuum. The shelf life of vacuum-packed food is substantially longer than it would be if left in a more open container. Some dry food remains good for years in a vacuum-sealed bag! Hopefully your move itself won't be that long, but vacuum sealing food usually ensures its freshness by the time you unpack it in your new home.

Organization aide

Usually vacuum sealing will turn oddly shaped things into relatively uniform stackable rectangles. This makes packing and organizing them in a logical manner much easier. For example, you could seal many items of similar clothing together in one bag in order to keep all like items together. The outside of the bags can easily be labelled, as well, so you have much less risk of losing anything in a move while using vacuum-sealed bags.

It seems unlikely that any one thing can make all aspects of moving easier, but vacuum sealing your items may be the thing that comes the closest to doing just that. It costs minimal time and money to buy vacuum sealing bags and suck the air out of them before you move. This little bit of foresight is well worth it since it can save you countless dollars and hours of packing frustration during your move.

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on June 19, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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