How to Deal With Common Moving Fears

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How to Cope With Common Moving Fears

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Moving can be terrifying. In fact, it ranks only behind the death of a loved one and a divorce as the most stressful common experience a person can have. Moving changes seemingly everything about your life in a quick and stressful transition period.

Not only is the general idea of leaving your home for a new one scary, but moving day itself can also have its share of logistical things to be afraid of. Coping with fear is all about accepting it and understanding why you're scared. Let's take a look at what scares us about moving and how we can alleviate these fears.

Fear of changing your home

Everyone fears change. Moving changes everything in your life, or at least it seems like it does at first.  If you have lived in your old home for a long time, it's likely you've developed a sense of comfort that accompanies the familiar sights and sounds of where you live. You have a routine based on your current life and anything that threatens that scares you. That is normal. That is human nature. Change is a natural fear that we have. Admitting that being afraid of change is simply your brain working correctly can go a long way when it comes to coping with this common moving fear.

Why it's not as bad as you think

In reality, moving changes as much of your life as you want it to change. Only your physical residence has to change when you move. Your new home may be in a new location, but you are still who you were before you moved, if you want to be. Moving can be a great catalyst for totally changing your life if you are unhappy with how it was, but for most people, it is simply a necessary change of location. While not all aspects of your comfortable routine will be able to translate 100 percent to your new home,  you will continue to be who you are and you will develop a sense of comfort and familiarity with your new surroundings. That is also human nature. The mind has an amazing ability to cope with new situations.

Fear of loss of friends/family

You're moving away and leaving all of your friends and family behind. You'll never hear from them again and they'll hate you. As ridiculous as that may sound, it is a common thought for people who are moving substantially far away from their old friends and family. Leaving people behind is at the root of the feeling of loss that comes with moving.

This can be especially true for the first individual move in most peoples lives: moving out of their parents' house. The friends that you have at home have grown up with you so leaving them is tough. Leaving your parents may be even tougher, not just because they are your family, but because they have been the main reason why you have functioned as a human being throughout your childhood (and probably further into your adolescence and young adulthood than you'd like to admit). The loss of friends is a fear that can be bad, but the fear of the loss of parental assistance can be worse.

Why it's not as bad as you think

It is OK to be afraid of losing friends and family when moving. Everyone fears it. Those friends of yours who seemingly can't stand their family and can't wait to move away either had very bad relationships with their families that you shouldn't envy, or they are putting up a front. Most people miss their family when they move out. 

Extended family is a slightly different story. If you used to live near cousins or adult siblings, the move can be a tough adjustment, but you will get used to seeing these people on holidays and special occasions rather than every day.

There is social media and cell phones that make distance less of a factor when trying to keep in touch with friends and family. Your real friends, the ones who value your friendship beyond the convenience of proximity, will stay in touch with you no matter where you go.

Don't forget that you will make new friends at your new home, as well. Part of the fear of losing friends is that your new neighbours will hate you. That is rarely the case in reality. It is always hard to convince yourself that people you haven't met yet may become your best friends, but it is true!

Fear of the logistics of moving

The process of moving itself can cause as much anxiety as the change that a move causes. Moving day has a lot of moving parts and a lot can go wrong. A short list of common moving day logistical fears are:

Why it isn't as bad as you think

The process of moving is only a few days. Once it happens and you settle in to your new home, the stress of the event will subside. It is only temporary. Additionally, there is a plethora of resources available to aid you in the logistics of moving. You can avoid moving scams, read reviews of movers, learn about moving insurance, and compare moving prices all here on! Websites like this one are a great resource to take some of the fear out your move. The best way to do that is through information, so take some time to browse our site dedicated to all aspects of moving and feel the fear melt away.

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on June 30, 2014 - Moving Expert
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