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How to Move a Trampoline

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Trampolines are one of the most common backyard diversions a home can have, but these bouncy sources of fun and exercise can be difficult to move. They are often quite big and require some disassembly. Even if you aren't moving, you may want to put your trampoline in storage as the weather gets colder.

For the purposes of this guide, we will focus on big backyard trampolines that are several metres wide rather than the small indoor trampolines commonly used in aerobics.


The smart thing to do when moving any large item is to disassemble it. If you have a wide trailer bed, you may be able to lay the intact trampoline upside down on it and move it that way. However, if the trampoline is hanging off the bed by over 1.5 metres, it is illegal. Take the extra time to take the trampoline apart. A disassembled trampoline can save you a lot of space.

Trampolines come in quite a few varieties. Aside from varying diameters, there are optional accessories like basketball hoops and safety nets to consider. Finding the correct instruction manual is important to know how to disassemble and reassemble your unique trampoline. If you still have the original instructions for assembling the trampoline, it should be quite easy to work backwards to disassemble it.

If you lost those instructions, then you may be able to find them online. Look for the official name or serial number of your model of trampoline. Most manufacturers have their instructions available online in PDF format.

No matter what type of trampoline you have, there are a few things that are constant in the disassembly process:
  • Underneath the trampoline there should be straps attached to the pad on the frame. Unstrap all of them.
  • Now that your frame pad is loose you can freely remove it.
  • All the hooks that hold the springs in place should be revealed. Pull them up and out of the frame one at a time, removing the second one from the opposite side of the trampoline and then continuing to halve the distance between removed springs until they are all gone. You may want to wear thick work gloves while doing this to avoid getting pinched.
  • Once all the springs are removed you can fold up the bouncy "skin" of the trampoline and put all the springs and hooks into a small container if they are detachable.
  • The frame can be disassembled into several bars. The method for keeping them together varies so you may need a screwdriver or a second person to help pull pieces apart.

Packing the trampoline

Once the trampoline is fully disassembled, it is time to pack it. 
  • If you still have the original box/packaging the trampoline came in, that's the best way to ship it.
  • None of the components of a trampoline are especially fragile.
  • The poles that made up the frame can be packed in a long box, wrapped with some bubble wrap.
  • Keep all small metal pieces together.
  • Label everything.
  • Keep the stretchy skin of the trampoline from getting too hot or cold--it is the most sensitive part. Consider climate controlled storage facilities and/or well insulated moving vehicles.

Hiring Movers

If all of this seems too complicated or time consuming, contact professional movers to disassemble, pack, and move your trampoline for you. Remember to specify if you also need help with the breakdown or reassembly of the trampoline. Provide them with the instructions and original packaging if you have them, as well.

Whether you do it with friends, alone, or with professionals, moving your trampoline is going to take some time--but if you use it often, you don't want to move without it. Leaving trampolines outside during the winter also could lead to damage. Now is the time to store your trampoline to ensure that you're bouncing in your backyard for many years to come.

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on October 28, 2014 - Moving Expert
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