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Stay Cool This Summer Without Breaking The Bank

There's no denying this summer is going to be a scorcher. Easy fixes like joining your local pool or cranking up the AC can cost an arm and a leg, but it can be very difficult to stay cool when you're on such a tight budget.   During the day 30 per cent of heat comes in from your windows. Whi... more

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Tax Breaks You May Not Have Known About

Trying to cut back on how much you spend can sometimes be a tricky situation to figure out, especially if you are trying to read the tax code!  In some occasions, it may seem that the only option is to move to a new area in order to lower the cost of living and maximize your tax returns.  ... more

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Cut Your Energy Bill This Fall

Finding ways to cut your electricity bill doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s the simple choices we make that can have a biggest impact. Cracking down on old energy-wasting habits around the house will ease the drain on your already-suffering bank accounts. Plus, reducing your ... more

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