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Winter or Spring?

Believe it or not, moving in the winter has proven to be easier, cheaper, and more convenient than any other season. Spring has always been the best season to list your home, because buyers are more likely to look at your home; gardens are in full bloom, and nothing is cold and dead. So while it ma... more

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Move or Improve

Realtors are currently working in a state of interim as the housing market has seen a significant lack of listings. Home owners are not selling homes, and the the real estate market is halting. Professional renovators, on the other hand, are struggling to keep up with the demand for their services. ... more

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Opposing Coasts with Similar Trends

Although located on opposite sides of the country, occupancy recently surged in Vancouver and Toronto. Rental rates and real estate prices continue to inflate. Can we blame the swell of inhabitants on Americans escaping the results of November's presidential election? Maybe. Google reporte... more

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