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DIY Spring Outdoor Maintenance

Canada is no stranger to the cold. We are more prepared for the snow and ice than most, and have the provisions to deal with the worst of conditions. Even so, the stress our homes take from the colder months can be seen once spring comes back around. This spring, take a survey of your house and see ... more

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What the Pros Suggest

Moving day is one of those days, that though it marks the beginning of a new start, it also carries a substantial amount of stress. Often marked as top 5 most stressful life events, it would not be a surprise if you find yourself in the same position. If looking for advice to keep those stress level... more

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Manage Your Stress While Renovating

How many times have you been flipping through TV shows and saw a commercial where a gorgeous home with renovations is on display? Or maybe you were leafing through a magazine and saw an updated kitchen with beautiful design and theme... then you look up from the magazine to your kitchen and realize ... more

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