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Vegetables and That Perfect Garden

Its one thing to go to the store and pick out fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis, but its even better to grow your own within your home. Utilizing a big backyard to your advantage can create a great harvest for those wanting their own fresh, delicious, vegetables to cook and eat. Here are some ... more

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DIY Spring Outdoor Maintenance

Canada is no stranger to the cold. We are more prepared for the snow and ice than most, and have the provisions to deal with the worst of conditions. Even so, the stress our homes take from the colder months can be seen once spring comes back around. This spring, take a survey of your house and see ... more

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Top Five Public Restrooms in Canada

With features you'd only expect in the highest end luxury mansion, these public restrooms go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that their visitors have the cleanest and fanciest experiences. The contenders range from a washroom in a 4-star hotel in Montreal, to a gas station bathroom al... more

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