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5 Winter Weather Activities You Can't Miss

Holiday season is finally here! That means cold weather, vacations, family parties and, cold weather. All that cold might make you want to stay indoors and hibernate, but there are so many amazing activities that you'll miss being cooped up inside. Whether it's skiing at Mt. Tremblant and Whist... more

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Recipes for the Perfect Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! This is the time to celebrate the harvest and our blessings. Thanksgiving was first celebrated by Martin Frobisher in 1578. After the Seven Days War in 1763, the Thanksgiving celebration was brought to the rest of the country. It was officially celebrated on Nov. 6 1879. Later on... more

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Get Tips for Packing Margarita Glasses

Happy Cinco de Mayo! If you plan to celebrate this festive Mexican holiday with a margarita, you want to make sure your margarita glasses arrive in one piece. Whether you’re packing up your margarita glasses for a move or just to store them for the season, be sure to follow these tips to keep ... more

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