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Building That Playground on a Budget

As a kid, I experienced a life full of adventure, amazement, and overall excitement. When it comes to being a kid, you usually want to spend your time bike riding, playing video-games, or visiting the local ice-cream shop for a delicious  milkshake. Now at 29 years old, with the thought of... more

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11 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Kids are lively, full of energy, and inquisitive by nature. They require vast amounts of attention and care; sometimes more than we can afford. If you're traveling with some long miles ahead of you, keeping the kids entertained while you're driving becomes difficult. As they become older and more se... more

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Getting Your Kids Excited to Go Back to School

There are many different types of children, some of whom love going to school and those who loathe it and would prefer to never go back. For children that fall into the latter category, a little planning is in order. Pick up school supplies early To get the absolutely best school supplies for your c... more

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