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Escaping the US Election? Moving to Canada is About to Get Easier

For months, Americans on both ends of the political spectrum have been threatening to move to Canada if their candidate doesn't get elected this fall.  For the most part, these were empty threats, even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn't take them seriously, but now the new American ... more

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Canada #1 Best Country, According to Millennials

According to a new survey conducted by US News, millennials across the globe chose Canada as the Best Country Overall.  The survey, which takes into account standard of living and economic growth, asked participants to rate 60 different countries on how well they relate them to specif... more

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This Couple is Moving to Canada By Way of the World

A world tour is something many people only dream about, but this couple is making it a reality before finally putting down roots in Canada.  Moving to Canada Gillian Ackland and her partner Donal left their lives in Ireland as a sales manager and offshore engineer (respectively) and went off to... more

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