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Facebook Creator Upsets Avril Lavigne

Mark Zuckerberg, most famous for creating Facebook, is a visionary. Still riding on the success of the social media platform, he brought affordable internet access to developing countries (Free Basics). The tech entrepreneur spawned a new word (unfriend), appeared on Saturday Night Live, and won Tim... more

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PetSmart Canada Holds 'Gotcha Day' Events for Homeless Pets

PetSmart Canada held various events across the country this past weekend, all with one goal: to find homes for nearly 600 homeless pets. "Gotcha Day" encourages new owners to share photos of the moment they adopt their animal, in the hopes that the trend goes viral via social media.From September 11... more

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3 Ways to Keep in Touch After Moving to University

Just because you're moving away to school in a few weeks doesn't mean you need to end your friendships. These goodbyes will only be temporary because there are plenty of ways to keep in touch after moving to university housing. 1. Get social This is the twenty-first century, guys! We have compu... more

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