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Most Profitable Home Improvements

When looking to remodel your home, what comes to mind? Kitchen? Bathroom? Maybe finishing or even starting on the cold musty basement? Those are some of the most common and are usually the first to be redone. Whether you are looking to move in the near/far future, or just looking to give your home a... more

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In a DIY Mood? Don't Do These!

Many of us enjoy creating DIY projects for ourselves. But just because we can complete these home improvement projects by ourselves doesn't mean we should. Some of these projects require licensed professionals, especially ones that call for technical knowledge, special equipment or complicated ... more

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8 DIY Projects for $20 or Less

Now that the kids are back in school and the routine seems to be in full swing, you may want to take a few moments to rest. After a few deep breaths, you might start to get antsy. What will you do?If you feel like upgrading your home, we've compiled a list of DIY home improvement projects that won't... more

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