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Move or Improve

Realtors are currently working in a state of interim as the housing market has seen a significant lack of listings. Home owners are not selling homes, and the the real estate market is halting. Professional renovators, on the other hand, are struggling to keep up with the demand for their services. ... more

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20 Percent More to Buy The Home You Want

Saving up for a home has always been a long term saving plan. Some of us have ambitious hopes of getting that white picket fence home and have been saving up since we started earning. For first time home buyers in Canada, you may have to extend your timeline. The federal government has implemen... more

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Tiny Homes: A Solution to the Housing Crisis?

Tiny homes are continually popping up everywhere. Some see them as a fad, and for others, they are a way out of the crazy high mortgage game that is going on in Canada. But they are often criticized for being too expensive per square foot and a form of poverty appropriation. Even still, these t... more

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