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Lake St. Martin to Receive First 190 Homes in November

In 2011, approximately 2,000 people were forced out of there homes in Manitoba due to severe flooding. Six years later, prefabricated homes are making their way onto the reserve for the families that were forced out.    Families of Lake St. Martin were relocated to Winnipeg, about 225 kilo... more

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Better Know a Province: Manitoba

Already live in Manitoba? Considering relocating there? Regardless of your current region, there's plenty more to learn about the prairie province of Manitoba!The fifth most-populous province in Canada, Manitoba shares borders with the U.S. states of North Dakota and Minnesota and was named after th... more

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Get Your Haunted Canada Stamps for Halloween

The Canada Post has released its second edition of Haunted Canada stamps, featuring five new designs. The first Haunted Canada booklet was released in 2014, and the last set is due in September of 2016.Each booklet comes with 10 stamps, 32mm by 32mm. The packaging is just as spooky as the stamps the... more

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