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Effects of Donald Trump’s Ban

A startling new trend show migrants illegally entering Canada more and more. This past year, border officials report 1,222 citizens asked for refugee status; these individuals crossed into Canada but did not pass through law enforcement checkpoints to produce proper paperwork. November’s ... more

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Canadians Banned From US Protests

We witnessed large protests (either up close or televised) around the world this weekend. Every continent -- even Antarctica -- held their own events. From Sydney, Australia to Cape Town, South Africa and London, England to Kolkata, India, activists flooded their own capitals if they could... more

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The Trump Bump

Canadians like to stay neutral, so we refuse to comment on whether or not the growing number of Americans seeking refugee status directly correlates to president-elect Donald Trump. The U.S. boasts the oldest constitution and consequently the oldest democracy, so how can they also argue oppress... more

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