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High Tech Gifts for You, our Friends, or your Family!

Hi-techHaving trouble finding the perfect gift for your friends and family? Are you also trying to keep up with the technology trends of the 21st century! Well look no further as we got you covered. Here are 3 high tech toys to give to the special people in your life.



If you or your friend has a pet this is the gift for them! With this pet cam you can set up in your home and live stream all your pet’s actions to your smart phone! Its got everything you could want, HD Streaming, night vision and two-way audio! It EVEN comes with a treat dispenser that allows you to give treats to your pets remotely! If your friends like to go out and want to keep tabs on their pets this could be the perfect gift for them! Head over to and purchase this bad boy for only $320!


The June Oven

Everyone has a friend who loves to bake! Help them out by enhancing their cakes to Great Canadian Baking show levels with the worlds first intelligent convection oven. This oven preheats three times faster and maintains uniform temperatures across the appliance. This oven even has an HD camera, so you can see how the food is cooking! You can even control it through your iPhone! It’s a bit pricy at 1,495 but clearly this is a must have for all baking maniacs!



Kohler Moxie

We all love singing in the shower obviously, and we love to listen to music in the shower too! But who wants to bring their iphone into the bathroom and accidentally ruin it with water damage! Well this shower head contains a wireless speaker that allows you to livestream personalized playlists or listen to your favorite radio station. Synch it with your smart phone or laptop using Bluetooth and you wont ever want to leave your shower! And at $302 it is worth every penny!


Scratch the Techy itch you or your friends have and splurge a little! These new high tech toys will improve your life no doubt!

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