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There's Something in the Water!

A familiar face appears in Nova Scotia Pumpkin has been found in Nova Scotia's very own Minas Basin. When you hear that name, you are probably thinking it's some domestic animal that got loose. However, what if I told you Pumpkin was a great white shark? Well, Pumpkin IS a great white shark, and she... more

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Flight Attended Refuses to Let 2-Year-Old Use Wash Room

Flights have been becoming more unpleasant as time progresses. The issues with overbooking flights is becoming more and more frequent. And now they are not letting toddlers use the closest washroom? Where does it end?! On a return flight from Nova Scotia to Calgary in May, Stacy Osmond and her gran... more

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New Opportunities for Lower Class Families

Finally, after years of separation, the road to closing the gap between the wealthy and the poor is getting a little smaller. The government just signed an agreement meant to supply child-care to those families who really need it.  The goal here is to "help give more Canadian children the best ... more

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