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Pregnancy and Moving

Pregnancy is such an exciting time! You get to pick out potential names, baby clothes, colors of the baby's room, and in some cases, it even means upgrading to a new home. This part of the process can be very stressful for everyone, especially the mommy-to-be and baby. While it makes it more difficult to move if one of you is not allowed to lift anything heavy, it's better than risking your pregnancy.

Before you participate in the moving process, there are a few steps you should take to help get the mommy-to-be the moving process safely.

The first thing you should do before participating, is talk to your doctor. Lifting anything heavy could put stress on you and the baby. According to Ashley Hill, M.D., medical director of Loch Haven OB-Gyn in Florida, if you have any complications or are at risk for having any, you are better off not adding any extra stress during your pregnancy. Moving is a long process, if you are pregnant and would be lifting items for more than an hour per day, doctors recommend that you don't lift items heaver than 18 lbs if you are less than 20 weeks pregnant and less than 13 lbs if you are more than 20 weeks along.

If you are moving to a new area where you will need to change doctors, it is important to get your medical information in order before you begin to move. According to Dr. Hill, many obstetricians do not accept patients more than 24 to 28 weeks along; in other words she suggests moving before you enter your third trimester and be sure to bring your medical records with you. 
Decluttering your home before you begin the moving process reduces the load as well as stress, the less you have to pack the better, this tip applies to those who are expecting as well as those who aren't. 
If you are not participating in your move, or helping where you can, like moving little objects, you and your significant other will need more help than usual, with moving and in general. Being pregnant while moving is a whole different ball game. There are a lot of things you cannot do, like lifting heavy boxes, moving furniture or even cleaning. If you have family and friends willing to help, have them help you with cleaning or organizing and treat them to lunch as payment according to Sharon Ben-Harosh, CEO of FlatRate Moving, is hiring a full-service company;many expectant moms think that they can handle the move, but hiring a company that does it all is safest and most efficient.
You may or may not have known this but there is a proper way to lift and bend safely when you're pregnant."Most people bend their spine and lift from the lower back with their arms outstretched," said Dr. Pamela Morrison Wiles, DPT, founder of Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy, "Instead, use the hip hinge technique, where you straddle the item, bend your knees and bend from the hips with a straight back, then hold the object close to you and lift with your legs." This reduces strain on the lower back muscles and reduces the risk of injury to the spinal intervertebral disk.
If you are participating in packing items, give your self plenty of time to pack up and take breaks regularly, Dr. Wiles suggests taking a break every 30 minutes as well as putting your feet up to help increase circulation (this should be done on move-in day as well.
Be prepared for moving day with a moving-day kit; your kit should include things that will be of use to you, like something with a bit of cushion to sit on, something to eat and drink (preferably something that includes electrolytes) it is important to keep your blood sugar levels and hydration levels high. Also have an overnight bag handy with clothes, medication, toiletries, a phone charger toilet paper and anything else you may need.
Falling while pregnant is actually very common as your centre of gravity shifts. If you are carrying heavy things (which you shouldn't be) be very careful walking up and down stairs and anywhere you may fall, Dr. Hill suggests wearing shoes with good grip like running shoes.

When it comes to cleaning, it is important that you get pregnancy-friendly supplies and if you have to do any renovating, make sure they are finished before you move in to avoid coming in contact with paint, glue-fumes or dust as it could affect the health of your baby.

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