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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Home is in Disrepair

OTTAWA - The official residence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is drafty, leaky and in dire need of repairs, NPR reports. Trudeau's mother, Margaret Trudeau has stated in the past that the home is "the crown jewel of the federal penitentiary system."

Canada's Official Residence at 24 Sussex Drive

Located at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, the mansion looks stately from a distance but once you get closer you can begin to see its age. 

The 34-room riverfront home is not only where Trudeau should be moving to now that he's the nation's leader, but it's also where spent much of his time as a child while his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau, acted as Prime Minister. 

Complaints about the 138-year-old limestone building include leaky ceilings -- enough that the wife of a former prime minister stated she placed buckets throughout the living room to catch the water. 

Repairs to the home were estimated at 10 million Canadian dollars in 2008 by the auditor general, who cited "years of neglect had left the residence in critical need of repairs: floors, ceilings, electrics, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, not to mention the asbestos that needs to be removed." Those previous estimates are likely to have doubled since then though. 

Trudeau has decided to move his family to another home, one on the grounds of Rideau Hall where the official residence of the governor general is located. 

Read more about Canada's Official Residence on NPR

Image of 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, courtesy National Capital Commission/Flickr

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