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Starting Canada Day With a Bang

It's that time of year again. For those interested in going out and celebrating Canada Day, it comes down to these factors - food, fireworks, and fun!  
Are you into BBQ? Canada Day has a delicious Rib Festival in Toronto. If you're a huge fan of ribs like myself, you'll appreciate the wide variety of ribs, sauces, rubs, and unique tastes. There is even music and carnival rides for the kids! 
If you're also in the Toronto area, be sure to visit the Redpath Waterfront Festival. Be on the lookout for the world's biggest rubber duck floating on the water ! It will be an amazing sight to behold. The Waterfront Festival also supplies music and games for all ages. 
When it comes to people enjoying themselves on Canada Day, one of the most important events is seeing Montreal's Canada Day Parade! If you're into vibrant and detailed floats, marching bands, or food, this is a huge hot spot to see come Jul. 1! 
I saved the best of last... the fireworks! Whether you're in your backyard, the beach, or viewing them across the skyline, fireworks are the most amazing aspect of Canada Day! I would highly recommend visiting these cities in Canada for their firework displays: Toronto, Montreal, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Regina, and Vancouver. These are just a few of many to showcase their dazzling fireworks. 

So come out and celebrate Canada Day's 150th birthday for a day of fun and entertainment!

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