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Summer Moving Tips

Moving during the summer may seem like a good decision. Maybe you have family members that have off during the summer... or maybe just because there's less of a chance of a blizzard. 

While it may seem like a smart decision to plan your move for the summer months, it can actually be a nightmare as a consumer. 


The moving industry considers summer to be from May 1 to Labor Day, and this is the busiest time for moving companies. During these few months, moving companies tend to get the majority of their business from families with school-aged children or the military, because this is when kids are off from school and the military does their personnel moves. The prices skyrocket, and there is almost no availability. And if there is, it is at the most inconvenient times. In the off-season, you may be able to schedule a move at a 10% price reduction.
If you are one of these people, and you absolutely have to move in the summer months, try planning your move at least six weeks in advanced. According to Erik Christensen from Moveline,  “When I was booking moves for a long distance moving company last summer, people would call me five weeks ahead to book a summer move, and my hands were tied – there was no way I could fit them in.” 
When contacting movers to schedule a move, find out what their least busy day is (usually during the week in the middle of the month), and book it immediately! 
If you are prepping for a summer move and decide last minute you need help packing, good luck trying to find the help you need! No matter how much you are willing to pay, the company just might not have the manpower to help you pack your belongings. 
Always, always, always be prepared! No matter where you’re moving or how organized you are, life will get in the way. When something unexpected happens, like getting sick or a truck breaking down, you have to allow time for delay.
Keep track of what you are putting in the moving truck. During the summer months, some items should not be put transported. For instance, if you're transporting a leather sofa, and it is wrapped in plastic, the leather will "sweat." If you are moving during the summer, try wrapping valuables in padding instead. Smaller items like candles and CDs should be transported with you in your vehicle. 
It may seem silly to you, but you should be considerate to the moving crew. If you are moving on a hot day, provide water for them, and be respectful of the fact that they need to take breaks. If you are able to, feeding them is always appreciated.
Moving is rough for everyone involved, especially children and pets. Make sure they have a safe cool place to play, nap, eat, and stay out of the way of the crew. If your only option is to find a sitter or drop them off at a family member’s, then do that. Your kids are your number one priority, so make sure you have a file for their transcripts, vaccinations, and any other records you might need. Keep them on you all times, so they don't get lost. You’ll need these to register your kids in their new school. 

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